Is he breaking up with me? He's been depressed lately about not having a job etc?

I've just had a lot going on with me lately and I've been thinking about a lot of things. So I kind of wanted to get it all out in the open but I don't know if a face-to-face talk is appropriateBecause I don't want to make anything worseOr have it get blown out of proportion or misconstrude I don't know if it's right to not talk about it in person but I don't want to keep it from you if it's the way I've been feeling I've been thinking about you and I a lot lately, too. This is basically a lot of what he sent me. Is he breaking up with me or what? He been depressed lately with not being able to find a job and such. I don't want him to break up with me I'm not sure if he will or not

This is what he said :I don't want to make excuses but things have been crazy for me but that's besides the point: if I can be totally honest, I just don't feel what I thought I would feel and the issue is with me and not you I just want to say that if this is the way I'm feeling then I don't think I can keep going like this
I've thought about this a lot and I was hoping things would turn around and that I'd realize it was just something that I planted in my own head but I can't deny the way I feel and it's not fair for me not to say anything.. Like what is he suppose to feel. It's not always going to be pure bliss and it's not always going to be loving. He's been depressed and haven't seen him in awhile. Could that be getting to him and making him think these things? He seemed happy when we went out on Monday


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  • it is only appropriate to talk about it in person

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