Should Physician-Assisted Suicide Be Legalized?

FYI - Physician-assisted suicide, a form of euthanasia, allows licensed medical professionals *at the patient's request ONLY* to deliberately end a patient's life in order to relieve their suffering.

As with abortion ("pro-choice"), do you think physician-assisted euthanasia should also be legal?Should Physician-Assisted Suicide Be Legalized?

  • I am pro-choice and I support euthanasia
  • I am pro-Life and I support euthanasia
  • I am pro-choice and I do NOT support euthanasia
  • I am pro-Life and I do NOT support euthanasia
  • I am pro-choice but I don't know if I support euthanasia
  • I am pro-Life but I don't know if I support euthanasia
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  • Given that there are the technical / fail safe aspects in terms of protocol, yes to assisted suicide, pro choice and capital punishment.

    - The less "in the way" people there are in traffic, costco lines and roller coaster ride lines... the better.

    Fail safe: Each individual who would like to die or kill the thing inside of them must be asked 3 times "are you sure" with a minimum of 5 seconds in between questioning.

    If it's a yes 3x? They must que dramatic Mortal Kombat Music along with correct dark lighting depending on the fatality choice.

    • I almost died at roller coaster lines. I am beyond disappointed that no one else responded to this

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  • It just became legalized in Canada

    • Wild... I can see that coming to the US within a few decades. y'all always were one step ahead of us, eh? :)

    • Yes indeed

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  • Yes under certain circumstances I do think its necessary. I have a friend who worked in a hospital tha specificly dealt with end of life care. Basicly as he put it they where not even people anymore. They where contracted and couldn't move mentally gone and no one ever bothered to see them so their was literally no reason why they put so much effort into keeping these people alive, they where all ready dead. So if some one is facing a similar situation and all practical options have been attempted and failed then yes I think if they do wish to die they should be allowed to so long as its their decision and again all practical options have been attempted.

  • there is no comparison to abortion, because one is someone else choosing to end a life, and the other is the person who's life will be ended choosing.

    I an anti-abortion, but pro euthanasia, for people who suffer either chronic untreatable pain, or some form of terminal condition.

    People who have treatment available, and who are not terminal, should not have this option, if for NO OTHER REASON than because it is cheaper than treatment, and if it is available to anyone, insurance companies would start pushing that they cover euthanasia, but not the drugs that would actually help you heal.

    • I'm just going to pop in real quick to say that I agree with you completely: "one is someone else choosing to end a life, and the other is the person who's life will be ended choosing."

      However, I do see a shared root and precedent set by legalizing abortion and euthanasia: both laws grant a SOLE decision maker the legal right to end a human life..

    • They are, indeed, setting a similar precedent. But one is about ones own life, and the other is about a life one is not living, and is merely custodian over.

    • Yes, two unlike things bound together by a common thread. At the end of the day, to condone either euthanasia or abortion is to support the ultimate in individual choice. What a tangled web we weave, amirite? XD

      I really hope that a pro-choice/anti-euthanasia GaGer chimes in because I can't figure out a way in which both stances can exist in one person, ie one belief system. I can reconcile all other couplings, including pro-life/pro-euthanasia by using your argument here since, technically, they're not the same ("you can hurt yourself but you cannot hurt others").

      Yes, this is what I do for fun.

  • I strongly support it. I consider it a natural right. Choosing when and how to die is the most personal choice you can make. The state has no business getting involved except to ensure that the person isn't being taken advantage of and essentially being murdered.

    As for comparing it to pro-life and pro-choice, it's a completely different thing. One has nothing to do with the other.

    • Exactly - what you just described is ideally how it would play out for what u aptly stated is our most personal choice.

      On a larger (and more slippery) scale, euthanasia and abortion both legally bestow the sole decision making power to preemptively end a human life at one individual's discretion.

      This is why I'd love to hear from a pro-choice/anti-euthanasia GaGer... The only pairing where I can't reconcile the two beliefs.

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    • "Euthanasia is taking the life of another, but mostly for different reasons than assisted suicide."

      That didn't come out right. I meant to say for different reasons than abortion. But it works the way I said it also. They are three different things.

    • Yes, I do agree with both you and @ksoma, who laid it out as "one is someone else choosing to end a life, and the other is the person who's life will be ended choosing."

      Parallels in justifications (my body =/= your or govts choice) and implications (government/society further recognising individual sovereignty as the ultimate) render them intrinsically tied in the grand scheme of human society at large, even though they're actually opposites when examined... individually...

      Life is a cruel mistress but sometimes she's ironic, which at least keeps it interesting.

  • Something like this could be abused.

    Imagine the mob illegally signed papers on which it is said that you agreed to take this procedure. You are coerced in to arriving in the office and you were blackmailed in to saying "yes" when the doctor asks for the final, verbal permission. The mob (or anyone) could use this kill people by making it come of as physician assisted suicide.

    But if there's a law that prevents this, no such thing can happen.

    • Omg, I am the queen of slippery slopes and cautionary tales like this. Nice work, dude.

      "But if there's a law that prevents this, no such thing can happen."


  • Yeah i support it, Suicide is a very rational and healthy process in some peoples life, And, Making it legally assisted can help make it painless, Without people having to resort to shitty painful options like hangings themselves and stuff.

    I would see that being a great thing for many depressed people.

    • "Without people having to resort to shitty painful options like hanging"... and coathangers. Damn. Good point.

  • Lets say you wanted to kill yourself because you were in extreme pain with no end in sight; you would be killing yourself because you love yourself and you dont want to feel more pain.
    So, out of self love, and the desire to experience no more pain, you are going to take your own life.
    But, if we were to raise this reasoning to the level of a universal principle (something that applies to everyone, like gravity), then you would be using self love, which promotes life (because you love yourself as a living being), to end life.
    If we take the killing yourself out of self love as a universal law, then everyone would kill themselves because everyone loves life and living.

    Just went all Kant on yo' ass.

    • While love is selfless and love is kind, survival is a must. To choose death over suffering, love need not apply.

      Anytime anywhere, homie...

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    • "your desire to live free of pain because you love yourself"

      Ah - here's^ where logic went astray.

      Life isn't a romance, or a play
      It's an age-old game of "go or stay?"

      Body to stove, and made to stay?
      Please - not one more second,
      Or hour,
      Or day!

      Here's when logic goes astray:
      While trying to keep the pain away
      By any means necessary.

      Pain kills the love of living on to see another day.


    • "Ah - here's^ where logic went astray."
      How is it not logical? Please inform me in a way absent of song or praise or other forms whose interpretation may take days.

  • Im prochoice and I support Euthanasia.

    I agree with Thatguy's idea of having a failsafe where each individual who would like to die must be asked 3 times "are you sure" but with 5 minutes or 5 hours inbetween questioning instead of only 5 seconds.

  • I believe that it should be legal but I don't see why a physician has to be involved.
    I get terminally Ill, I'll simply kill myself, no need to get a doctor involved.
    A bulllet or drowning myself will suffice

    • "I get terminally ill, I'll simply kill myself"

      Have you seen Million Dollar Baby? ;_;

  • Of course I support it. If the person is conscious while making the decision and has talked to a therapist who is certain that this is the best option then it should be allowed. People with terminal illnesses shouldn't have to suffer.

  • Given the right set of legal controls euthanasia is the only morally right choice.

  • Primum non nocere

  • should should live and die how they want.


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  • Every one has the right to choice.