What will you do in this situation?

Just for fun, take no offence.
Its morning, you're lying on your deathbed, you've got cancer, you know this day is your last.
And then all of a sudden, you notice total inactivity as if the time has halted. Two people show up.
One is God and the other is the Devil.

God: You are not a sinner anymore, child. Your time has come. Come serve me in the heaven, come with me, you are forgiven.

Devil: (Surprisingly the devil is present as a beauty)

What? Is there a rule saying that I can't take this form?
Anyway, I'm not here to take you to hillbilly hell, I love the earth, its a fun place.
Come with me, you don't need to serve anyone, come and I'll tell show you loads if interesting stuff.

God: He... ahem... She is evil, child. Beware.

Devil: Talk about rude. Well... I've been into
mischief, but I don't put silly restrictions.

Me: Who will you choose?

  • Go with the God
  • Go with the Devil.
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Cmon people. Why so mean to the devil?


What Girls Said 1

  • ... I don't know. I might go with the devil. 😶

    I'm gonna go to hell for this.

    • As she says, she will not take you to hell, but will let you stay on earth.

What Guys Said 1

  • After reading the bible, there is no way I could possibly choose god. The devil might not be the nicest guy on the block but he easily trumps that racist, homophobic, slavery-loving, child-rape-loving, megalomaniac, narcissist mass murderer the bible calls god.

    • You have a lot of common sense. The devil likes people like you.