Guys, what is your favorite body type?

no pictures, im just curious to see what sounds like an ideal body type to you guys

  • curvy (hourglass or pear shaped at any weight)
    24% (5)
  • thick (same as curvy. small waist but with more meat in boobs, thighs, and butt)
    24% (5)
  • athletic (less curves, strong shoulders, strong legs, abs, fully toned)
    29% (6)
  • heavy (any body shape, just some extra weight)
    5% (1)
  • average (medium sized boobs, average sized waist, medium sized hips and butt)
    18% (4)
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What Guys Said 2

  • My perfect body is short and petite thin but not a stick average size ass and average size tits. Basically all in proportion. Not huge tits and flat ass or huge perfect ass and no boobs. Everything has to be in proportion for me

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