Are cats so beautiful because they sleep so much 😛?

  • Duh, no wonder why it's called "beauty sleep", it comes from them. 😎
  • No, because I don't know what scientifical research page says no.
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  • I don't know but cats are awesome. They can be just as loyal, nice and kind as a dog you just have to know how to treat them. Our cat is a total sweetie. When I got home from work he would be sleeping on one of our beds and would hear my voice as I came in the door and give this super cute meow calling me to come see him. I visited him every-time because how could you not when he was being so cute. It is sad he died. I miss him a lot.

    • Cats are so loyal, I don't know why so many people think that they're sh*tty. 😒
      Our cat protects me from the dog (he is an oversized beagle, you can imagine the troubles...) whenever he sense that I'm on my period and don't feel well. Or waits for me to come home, he is so cute. ❀

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    • Oh ok, our cat was male. I have a habbit of gently kissing cats on the head to show them I love them. :)

    • Thank you for MHA.

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