How can I find a person who can teach me sign language?

I love sign language
know where or how?


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  • Try googling sign language classes and make sure your location is turned on


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  • I minored it in.
    Take it in a class at a local community college if there is one around you that offers it.
    Does your regular school offer it as a language? Thats what I did.
    It's more helpful to learn in person rather than online, in my opinion.

    • I live in lebanon actually not a lot of schools with signs languages
      And noo we don't have that choice

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    • Yeah I know ASL because I live in America.
      But I know there's BSL for Britain and so on.
      In Lebanon its called Levantine Arabic Sign Language apparently. It may be harder to find that online since maybe less people know it compared to ASL or something.
      But always worth a shot. Sign language is great to know!

    • Oh wow thanks ✌🏼️☺️😘

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