How can I get my life straight?

I'm tired of not being able to afford something I want. I just turned 23 and I know money isn't everything but I want to have a good life, I wanna be taken seriously and I wanna provide for my future family.
I have serious doubts about my right to exist (I don't have suicidal thoughts), because I was raised without a father, things men should do doesn't come as naturally to me as I think it should because of that. I have this crisis for a long time, I just denied it until now and doesn't even dare to tell anyone I know.


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  • The first thing is getting an education, then get a good job that pays well then you get your life straight and don't use drugs

  • Try relaxing and organizing yourself better , those are the main keys. U need sometime to relax without it your over stressing and when your stressed tou can't focus on the right things , organize your schedule for ex on sat , free time , sundays relax prepar for the week ahead , mon-fri try to handle situations better. All of those lead to positivity and with positivity comes better since of mind , priorities, goals. Hope this helped its helping me slowly


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