Why guys act like femenists here to sound nice to opposite gender?

Lol I think we all know now how guys on here (majority ones on here) are desperate and shouldn't be on here in first place because it's q&a website. Altho I don't agree with feminism moment at all now

I saw this one guy on some other question asked by some girl that he support feminist and that he still think unfairness exist and then on some other question asked by some male, He was bitching on "feminism"?

Lol wtf and this isn't first time, Even if women come off bitter. they are actually more honest in everything here which is main point of this site. to answer questions honestly, not try to sound nciely to someone. These people kill point of this site and shouldn't be on here in first place since all they gonna do is send dick pics and be desperate lol.

Some of my friend which is girl on here asked a question here of rating her and some guy commented with 10 and she thanked him in comments and then he later messaged her about some weird sexual creepy shit and when she denied to give him her kik and how he isn't her type considering her was like 15 years older. He called her fat bitch lol? Then my friend blocked him. Wtf? he's a regular user too. I can bust him in screenshots and this isn't first time. these why despos go to any limit just to come off good to opposite gender? Lol why?

Whyd you wanna sound nice to get some sorta approval from another gender online? Why are guys so desperate on here? Lol and why'd you even wanna answer some other people question not honestly? What do you people think about this?

I have a female actress pic on here and ebendoe I am guu and marked blue. Some guy from India messaged me asking if I am girl? Lol I didn't replied and then he went on about sexual creepy shit and what he gonna do to me. He even told me he can buy me a house lol
Bump. I really wanna sort this out lol


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  • Some guys pander for P. Some are feminized. Both are going no where on here but they are perhaps desperate. This site is meant for honest discussion that you can't always have with other people. It can provide true insights.

    • Yep. This is what I keep saying! Keep it honest but there are way more desperate creepy basement dwellers here


    • Lol probably, it's weird and creepy both that how this place is full of it. Maybe this site is too unique to find out about and only atraxts creeps

  • I'm a male lesbian. So I'm an Numale feminist with a receding hairline.

    Quit talking about this because you're A WHITE MALE!

    • So you think this is meant to be funny? Lol You are Troll and serve no purpose on this site if you just Troll. Pls leave this site if all you wanna do is that, I get many like u on my other question lol reportef

    • If you put something dumb up on the Internet, I'm sorry I get a sick thrill out of batting you around. Just the way it is.