Do you think I'm "transphobic" and why?

Let me be clear I don't hate anyone, but I refuse to recognise and affirm someone's delusion. Look I don't care what people do to themselves. If you want to wear a dress go for it, if you want to mutilate your genitalia, by all means. If you want to inject yourself with a hormone which will greatly increase your chances of ending up in a shallow cancerous grave, its your life, but do not make me participate. That's all. If I see someone who is a man but they are calling themselves a woman or visa versa I'm going to call them by their actual gender because I refuse to go along with mass delusion.

"Delusion? You clearly don't understand psychology!" I hear some of you proclaim, however I would disagree. I think that it shouldn't even be controversial that transgenderism is a mental disorder. Why you ask? Because it has no bearing in science, because the suicide rate in the transgender community is only comparable to schizophrenics and the Jews in Nazi Germany. So if someone says that the rate is only so high because of societal disapproval you would have to make the argument that they are treated just as horrendously as the Jews under Hitler. Alternatively you could argue that they tend to be of extreme weak constitution, however wouldn't that in of itself suggest a mental disorder?

So to sum up I don't hate anyone, but I refuse to recognise and validate a delusion, do you think that this makes me "trasphobic"?

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  • No, but I think you're gravely mistaken.
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  • Me: I'm from the planet Lepton. Take me to your leader.
    Regular/Normal/Sane person: That's nuts but to each his own.
    PC Social Justice Warriors: Leptophobia!!!

  • I completely agree with you on this. Transgenderism is a mental illness, nothing more, and I refuse to call anyone by what they prefer to be called. Facts are facts, and if you're a man, then I will call you man, and vice versa. I will not support delusion.

  • u sound like an arrogant piece of chit