Do you ever follow someone just to get their attention?

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  • That's what the follow feature is for!
  • Max I followed u to shut you tf up
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  • when it comes to following, I'm diva asf

    I don't follow unless you follow me first and unless I like you

    (there are exceptions of course, I can count them with one hand tho)

    on instagram I don't follow anyone, in we heart it either

    I've thought many times about unfollowing everyone on GAG tho, I hate all these recommendations of questions.
    Also, this following thing is not helpful at all, only to see their opinions and shit, but I wanted to see their opinions, I'd just go to their profile and stalk them.
    Everyone can send me messages so following shit is not helpful, only to feed your ego.

    • I think when you post your opinion it shows u an armada of recommended questions by your followers

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    • I thought I was your spirit animal lol. You hate me now๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Špow pow uppercut๐Ÿ’ช @whatthehellamy

    • @Afro-dite9 LOL no, you're still my spirit animal. I don't hate anyone, come on <3 let's get married

Most Helpful Guy

  • I suppose to a degree - I mostly follow people that interest me or ask to follow me so I probably want more interaction with them - It could be a wording situation "To get their attention" sounds a bit like a stalker but not minding talking to them more sounds much nicer - I think the point you are getting at is "Oh he/she is cute or popular, I would like to know them or be associated with them".
    In reality for me, I am 47 years of age, a bit old to be engaging in a mindset of high school social politics. One of the great things of getting old is that you can go grumpy old man and say "Can't be bothered really".

    • Nah by what you describe isn't really "getting their attention"

      Sorry bruh not accepted into the gossip club

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    • THey said it's cuz I'm pretend drunk

      I wouldn't listen to them!

    • Don't worry about it, you were having fun - When did the world get so serious - Show me a person who hasn't had a silly notion and acted on it - Your answer would be nobody.
      Hell everytime you post something here you are looking for attention - I post loads of opinions on GaG everyday - Okay, I am finally going to make a confession "My name is Dave and I am an attention seeker. I post stuff on GaG with express intention of people noticing it and sometimes replying, wow that was a weight of my shoulders, I am cured" - I am going to have to leave GaG now (LoL)

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