What happen if your girlfriend flips off a cop wih her finger out side the car?

This question is mainly for fun the event I'm about to tell you is a made up situation I'm just wondering what's would happen In this situation.

So so me a my girlfriend are driving in the car minding our own buiness when a cop pulled to the side of use to pass us my girlfriend who were smoking a cigarette (she only smokes in the car) flips off the cop passing use outside the window. What would happen in this situation after she flips off the cop with her hand out side the window

oncw again this is a story I'm wondering what would happene in this situation


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  • You can get pulled over and reprimanded.

    • Wouldn't be the chick?

    • Yes the chick would get in trouble

    • Make since it wouldn't make since the drive does cuz the driver didn't do anything exept have a stupid girlfriend

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