Click Here!! How does it feel to be alive?

well my wife @Elises if you see her (Thumbs down).
she's been nudging me to make a account...

anyways... Where is the Game Section?
there's a lot of stuff on dating, relationships and sexual stuff..
i'm innocent okay!

so yh... people my question

how does it feel to be alive?

How's this even a popular question? This is just BS


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  • You've come to the place where dreams go to die, to ask people how it feels to be alive? Interesting

    • I don't know, i had no clue what to ask... i was just supposed to ask something. and this is something... unless you're a undead, you wouldn't know what it feels like

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    • I graduated to big girls a long time ago, which I imagine is hard to do if one chooses to identify himself by the fact he plays games. Do you also ride a bicycle?

    • used to until it got stolen... there went my mountain bike. oh well got a car now...
      when you mean big girls? you literally don't mean grannies right?
      I play Games, what's wrong with that. we learn and solve from games, i learnt how to use a gun from a game, bought myself a walther p99 the other day... the recoil feels pretty nice if you ask me

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  • Hahahahha welcome to gag 😂
    @Elises you go girl, you managed to drag him here XD 😂

    well for the sake of the question... How it feels to be alive? Hmmm, I guess its a gift from god and we can make it good or bad depending on our decisions in life... I dont really know how else to describe it so yeah, here you go XD

    • sometimes, the decision isn't a choice but just a dice played by god, just like the desire of ones awaken, you're all sleeping. this world is nothing but a big game, the end is already been played out. we are only fulfilling its role

  • I have mixed feelings about it. I think my life is pretty ok, but I feel like my eyes have just been opened to how awful this world actually is. People living in constant pain and terror with no shelter or food or water, dying by hundreds of thousands. Women in the Middle East living as slaves with no rights or education, treated as a commodity that can traded for a camel, stoned to death for daring to speak out. Gang violence, drive by shootings, rape, murder, torture, and the worst part is that it becomes so easy to ignore if it's not right in your face or personally affecting you. I know I have to do something but it's so overwhelming and I don't know how to help. I don't want to be here.

    • i've expierenced such face-close things. people may hate me because i may show off as a cold hearted guy, but that's just what i expierenced, companions death. some sacrificing just so you can live. best way to help them is making it aware in society. put it against your government so they dont put a blind eye to them. ISIS creating the bad names of muslims, the guys in the white cloaks KKK , it's terrible. standing by and doing nothing is just accepting it as being part of it. you could buy those slaves and set them free?
      you could go to countries and physically help them using your knowledge from the education you've gained. WE ALL CAN HELP But we choose not to...
      that is mankind... the destroyer of Earth (we've already killed off 100's of species)

  • That is pretty mean of you *pout* but that's just you XD
    i'm Happy but do call me now and then ^^

    • yh well... that's just me ya know what happens. i'll treat you to ice cream the one you like when we see each other

  • It feels good. Today at least! I've been quite productive so far :D

    • It's also nice seeing other married 19 year olds.

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    • @Elises I am! My husband is a little older though.
      It's great. Definitely changed my life for the better.

    • @Elises i am nice... sometimes

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  • yes!

  • What kinds of 'alive' are you talking about? There are killing type, Having powers type, Thinking type. And Etc.

    • For Safety's sake, just say all of them does it really matter?

    • It would be real long if i say everything out and this is the first time? o. o but okay?
      For me i have never killed someone before but Having to be alive with 'thinking' or 'thoughts' is just awesome as your mind is more open to the world like I don't know how to put it in words but from experience. You get to look everything differently. Example From a cube. You could see it living it's own life. You can see how its emotions are. and stuff. and the power of you thinking is multiplied by a few times where your mind is just open and you would feel something warm inside of you with full of energy. I normally get feeling or sensations like this is when i watched Anime and stuff. Different things brings out different thinking spots. And each one is different than any others. And for power i don't really know. it can probably not be described with the words i've known. Probably when i learn a massive amount of words i would come back to explain if i ever get that chance?

  • Hi I'm Jared I'm sorta the sexy one here who gets all the bitches

  • Feels shit. Next question :P