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I almost fully agree with him. I don't believe in only having sex after marriage, but I definitely disagree and despise this disgusting socially liberal culture of promiscuity and sexual behavior being overly pushed onto us by media and entertainment. I'm a huge fan of Ben Shapiro as well. What do you think?

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  • I like Ben (though he does come off very condescending sometimes). But I also disagree with him on some issues. Like you, I do not think that sex should be a marriage only thing. But that's the important thing about what he says: he says what he THINKS is best and most morally right, but he does not believe he has that right to impose his morals.
    He would not make pre-marital sex illegal, for example. But he would push for things in the culture to try to subtly shift people more to a lines of thinking that frowned on sex outside of marriage.
    And that's why he doesn't scare me. He would like people to take his advice on these issues, but he doesn't believe in pushing his agenda down someone else's throat, as something they are forced to accept.

    • I'm aware of that, and I completely agree with you on this. It should ultimately come down to a cultural change, not making pre-marital sex illegal.

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  • Back in my younger day talking openly about sex was just completely unheard of , now if you don't choose to you must be weird. So yea I say it has added a Went a long way in degrading society as a whole. The stats on unwed mothers is the proof that expanding and opening up and letting our sexual urges to run free is actually run a muck.

  • That guy sounds like a tiny masturbating hamster. "Squeek squeek I never get laid so I wanna ruin sex for other people".