How can facebook friends find me on instagram?

So I have my instagram email different to my facebook, they're not even linked, I don't have my name or details on my Instagram and yet my facebook friends find my Instagram. Nothing from my Facebook and instagram are the same or similar so it makes no sense how they find my account.

What at can I do because I don't want them to find my Instagram


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  • I have the same problem. It's probably because you use the same device for both.

    • It's kinda annoying. They need to get that solved

    • I know right? I own two fanpages, it would be so weird if my previous classmates followed it. (I've graduated)

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  • Are you following anyone you went to high school with? Or are any following you? Any friends?

    • Yea I am but I only like two. But those people im following aren't friends with my other Facebook friends in either facebook or Instagram. They have no association with my other contacts

    • Oh wait I checked. I'm actually following no one like that.