I have bad credit and I need 12,000 now, options?

For several years now, I've been making some extra cash here and there off of crafts I do as a hobby. It requires the use of loud messy tools that I cannot use where I currently reside.
I am also struggling financially because I technically need to be on disability, but I cannot afford the prerequisite of 6 month total unemployment before applying.
I have found a machine that would not only allow me to work on my crafts where I live now, it would cut my production time and cost by 60%.
I do have a market, and a demand for my items, as well as a customer pool. I know that I could repay the cost of the machine in about 2 years.
I cannot afford to start repaying the fees on a personal loan for about 6 months, when I'll be able to start turning profit. I do not have a business lisence, as this has only been a hobby. Even if I get a business lisence now, I would still have to raise my credit scores before I could get a loan.
I do not mind higer interst rates or annual fees; to me, and addotional third of the cost of the machine tacked onto the end is worth it to me to get the machine faster. My boyfriend is also an artist, and would be sharing the cost and use of the machine. Realistically, we can afford to pay out $150 a month right now, and it will be a few months before I can turn profit, since I would be working on a seasonal festival circuit in addtion to private commission work in between. I do also have 2 online wholesalers that would regularly but from me as in the past.


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  • run a kickstarter or gofundme to raise the money.


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  • Sell your virginity on eBay.

    • LMAO yeah that auction closed about 10 years ago.

  • Sell your soul to the devil


    But seriously - you've at least got a craft; talk to other online wholesalers and try to persuade them to buy from you

    • I have two already, and I'm a Pagan who sells Pagan items LMAO. One could argue that the Devil ready has my soul ;-P

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