Was it a good thing I confronted to him?

So basically, Trump came into my state today! (Indiana.) A lot of my friends went to the Trump Rally, and basically got kicked out. If you support Trump, cool. I don't get politics.. at all.
I talked to my sister about how I don't think it's fair that Trump is hating on a religion. If you believe in something, you do. We all have different beliefs. But my sister was talking about how Muslims is a race. I was like "No, that's a religion!" She was like "No, It's a race." Then whatever'd me. So I raised my eyebrows. I was like "You can be white, mixed, black, purple, green, blue and be Muslim. You're basically saying Christianity is a race. " So she ignores me. I start naming celebrities who are Muslim who are white and black, proving a point. Basically, I am learning more about Islamic beliefs. It make sense to me, and I've been confused on my religion for a while. Nobody in my family knows this yet, but my family knows I have friends who are Muslim.

My sister's boyfriend comes up, and she questions him if Muslim is a race. He nods his head. I confronted and I said "That's because you're racist. That's why you said yes." Basically irritated and pissed off. He just looks at me, and I was like "Point proven. I'm out." Then I grab my school stuff and walk to my first period class.

Was it a good thing I confronted? I probably came off rude, but yet again.. I was mad.


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  • You were right about Islam being a religion not a race, about confronting your sister's boyfriend? He has the right to say whatever he believes in, but you were not that rude so i find it okay.


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  • do nothing
    say nothing
    be nothing

    it's good that you educate people. i feel like they should thank you for educating them, the way i see it it's your sis boyfriend that's rude, not you.