System image or backup?

which is better


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  • I think back up is a better option

    • can i know why plz?

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    • why back up is better?

    • I would say back up is better because you can take the back ups of only those important files, folders that are critical and then you can easily restore the lost data, or corrupted data using your back up files that you took before the data got corrupted or erased.

      Hence I think taking backups for only important and critical information is more than sufficient compared to a system image which is the entire copy of the windows so that would take a lot of space.

  • If it's for the operating system I prefer a system image on dvd , external HDD or on a partition of your HDD.
    For data I prefer a backup.

    • for C drive use system image
      and for D drive use back up
      is that what u mean
      and when i would need clone?

    • If you get a mean virus or a disk crash, then it's easy to reinstall the OS from DVDs or from an external HDD. (A partition won't help in case your disk crashes, of course.
      I back up most of my data in the cloud. My system image is on a partition AND on DVD.
      I had to use it 6 months ago when I got some ugly ransomware. I only lost my Google desktop (Google doesn't offer it any longer)