Are u familiar with Egyptian or Arabic music / singers / actors? have u ever heard anything about it?


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  • OH yes :D

    Liam Yusef? omg I forgot. But it is close to that.

    But I listen to only vocals.
    Mostly by Maher Zain and Muhammad Al Muqit.!

    • this is nice , how did u start listening to that?
      and i think u wanna say sameh yousef?
      and yea maher zein is an awesome guy :)
      i can help u to find more interesting things if u wanna

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    • but u are orginally american?

    • oh no, Indian

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  • not really, don't like arabs/arab culture. they detest black people, one of many reasons.

    • that is not true , bro
      nothing in the arabic or islamic culture is against black people
      please dont judge too fast

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    • never what? That you've a man and don't know how to converse with people properly? or you pcik on me and go anonymous because I express an opinion? Or you're a man and don't get that people are/can be prejudiced? cool.

    • lol , u dont know what u are talking about , calm down baby boy :)

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  • no but I will have a look to see who is that I know of

  • Not at all, no


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