So Confused. Can we save this?

So my boyfriend has been batteling with a lot of stress in the past month of march. He was struggling to find a job and other things went wrong. He secluded himself in his room basically and would nont go out with me or our freinds for the whole month besides a select few of days. I got him to go out last Monday to a baseball game and thought he was in better spirits he had a blast and he seemed better. Friday night he asked to talk and he said he's been thinking a lot lately he said he hasn't felt that things were going well for him and isn't feeling the way he thought he would feel. He said he has been thinking about this a lot lately, but i stll can't wrap my head around this and dont know whats going on. He said if he's feeling this way then he doesn't think he can continue this relationship. He has not officially said we are done and has not taken anything down from facebook yet; not that matters but still. I haven't really talked to him about it again but Im going to try. I dont want this relationship to be over with and beI hadn't lieve that he's saying this because of the stress/depression and is trying to push me out because he was so happy. How do I go about doing this and trying to save us. What do you think he is thinking? He asked the other day after if we werent talking because i hadn't answered the text. I told him sorry I fell asleep and told him I hop his day was going well. What do I do? Should I give him more time? Do you think maybe he is I don't know still thinking about this now? wouldn't you say you are done with someone officially if you were and take things down? Could he not be done?


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  • It's over. The truth is when stressed or whatever we usually go to the ones we love and make us happy not pull away

    • I dont always think thats the truth. I know many people have said that sometimes they pull away

    • Have fun with that

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