Buying a jeep, anyone have advice?

I currently drive a mustang but I'm having a baby so I want an suv, easier for baby. But we also do a ton of outdoor stuff so a jeep makes sense
4 door obviously, I've looked into new and used.
Ideally I'd like a wrangler unlimited hardtop
auto or manual, doesn't matter, manual seems cheaper so far.
Im looking for 2012 or newer and less than 30,000$
I've seen some newer ones 2015 late models for 28,000, still on the lot. Is that a decent price?

I've been screwed by car dealers before and though I've always loved them and I know they keep their value pretty well... I'm looking for any extra info or advice I can get


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  • The closes to a REAL all though terrain 'jeep' is either
    -the Hummer (a bit too much for most people)
    -a Nissan Patrol (a though work tool)
    -the tiny Suzuki Jimny (bad road holding)

    Out of these three, you get a fancy car with off road looks
    A Landrover Discovery might fit your idea but look at Toyota models too.

    • edit typo:
      *The closesT to a REAL all though terrain 'jeep' is either

    • I've looked at hummers and my guy is military so he knows them like the back of his hand. But as a daily driver the gas is worse than a jeep

      I would love a defender... If I won the lotto

    • Sadly, they stopped making the Defender.

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  • a jeep is a good choice. most "SUV"s are just street cars with an outdoorsy look and without actually being usefull offroad.

    i mean thereĀ“s basically no good way to get screwed over by a car dealer... you could try to get a test ride and "test ride" it into a repair shop appointment, where a mechanic of your choice tests it.

    other than that, a jeep is usually a solid bet. those things are hard to fuck up.

  • don't
    1. lemon
    2. not safe
    3. overpriced

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