How do you deal with proud people?

People who think high of themselves.
How would you use their flaw against them?
How would you use their flaw to your advantage?


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  • Why you wanna fuck with us?

    • It would satisfy me to show you you are not as tall as you think you are, and that I along with legions could not careless of you.
      Why does it satisfy me? I think you know the answer to that. You know what we are talking about, don't you?

    • If you didn't care you wouldn't ask and no I have no idea what ur talking about.

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  • What's wrong with thinking highly of oneself? Probably more people around the world that not suffer from low self-esteem. If anything, the focus should shift towards building people's egos rather than tearing them down.

    • I don't know why you bring low self esteem into the mix. I am not advocating it in anyway and it is certainly something which one should not have.
      Building one's ego and acknowledging ones's abilities is one thing, pride is another. But perhaps you disagree, you seem to have a different understanding from what I gather.

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    • I don't subscribe to your version of pride. What you appear to be describing is megalomania, which is rare and quite different from what I see as pride. I've never bought into the idea that pride could make somebody rebel from God, and John Milton's vision of Lucifer makes little sense to me. Of course, I'm a non-believer.

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  • I assume its someone whos being an ass to you, in that case ignore their achievements, nothing annoys a proud person like ignoring the reason theyre proud.

  • Nothing wrong with pride.

    • Are you sure? Pride is what ruined Lucifer. Perhaps you think it is a fable, but still, that the human mind has conceived such a being to be ruined by pride must be something to it.

  • We should just murder anyone that feels good about themselves!

    • Make no mistake - for I see you do - do not mix feeling good about oneself - which might be the product of years of hard work - with pride.
      Pride is totally different then feeling good about oneself. Pride to my mind is thinking you're on top of the world, on top of everyone. Pride is thinking yourself a god. It is I believe a very serious and dangerous sin indeed. It is what brought Lucifer down to the pit. Of course disregard this last part if you are an atheist or an agnostic.

    • Pride in reality is feeling good about yourself regardless of what your mind tells you it is. Maybe asking something about snobby or pretentious people would have been more effective? And yes I do not believe int he devil or any of that.