Some questions I'd like answered?

I'm a questioning Christian and I don't really understand some stuff. If anyone could help that would be nice.

Is God good or evil?
If God is good why does he let evil things happen on earth?
Does this mean god is not powerful enough to stop evil?
If god is all powerful but he doesn't stop evil, does that mean god is evil?

If god is all knowing why is life a "test"? He wouldn't need to test anybody if he already knew everything right?

If god is all knowing than is there such a thing as freewill? Surely if god knows everything that means that all of our actions are predetermined.

If god is good and more powerful than evil why does he not destroy Lucifer?
Is he not powerful enough to destroy him?
Or is he working with him and they are both evil or both good?


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  • Try and see it without such boundaries

    - God is nor evil or good, you can define a ultimate power in such a way
    - God would not interfer with his creations, they are created to live as they please. Be it good or bad.. that choice is up to them
    - God can stop evil but again there is no interference. And more so we will not understand the purpose of what may seem like bad. In fact it could have a ultimate reasoning
    - evil and good are two sides of a coin. One cannot life without the other. Much like how would you define cold without hot
    - god is all powerful however he created some of his most precious creations, given free will and choice - the outcome is uncertain when given a system that can produce from itself. Life may be a test and it may not. I dont know
    - not predetermined but could be, we have a superpower, adaptability. Which allows us to change given our surroundings

    And finally
    Good and evil is a simple balance you have to understand. Without evil how do you define that god is good?

    --> think without boundaries


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  • I hope this is all theoretical since it's all made up anyway. We can talk about how evil God is in the same way we can talk about how evil Darth Vader is. Please be sure to read the Bible all the way through if you can stop shaking your head and/or throwing up after the first few chapters.


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  • Old Testament God was a gangster. Smiting this, flood here, kill all the citizens there for not believing in him. "Slaughter all their men, rape their women, then kill them too or take them as sex slaves, enslave their children or kill them." God tells his fanboys to do this many times over in the bible.

    You'll have to answer those questions yourself. They're innately unanswerable questions, unless you have a hotline to God, though. No way to truly know.

    Simply reading the bible should be enough for any Christian to realize that God--the God described in the bible--is not worth worshiping, even if he does exist.

    The only possibilities given your assertions is that God is fallible, sadistic, apathetic, or nonexistent

  • God is the Christian power of good.
    As with light and dark, good needs evil.
    It does not mean god is not powerful enough to stop evil.

    God is omniscient, but life is a test because He also gave us free will. And the test is if we will chose good over evil of our own accord.

    Freewill actually existing is of debate on more then a religious level. I pose to you that it doesn't matter if it exists or not because either way we must do what we think is best in the world.

    And the last three questions are answered by god needing evil for balance.

    The idea of good and evil presides as one of the great debates of all humanity. It is discussed in all corners of the western world, and deserves a little research.

  • G0d is inherently good.
    G0d granted us unconditional free will, including the choice to do evil.
    G0d sometimes intervenes and can at any time, but choses mostly stand by and watch his creation work.
    Once again, G0d has given us free will. If he ran us like string puppets, we'd shiver in the corner. He let's us have command of our lives but will judge us at the end. Scripture is the rule book.
    G0d knows every choice we CAN make but chosen not to know what choices we WILL make.
    All the actions we CAN make are predetermined. Not which one.
    G0d let's Lucifer exist to test us and give us choices. They are not working together. G0d makes Lucifer an opposition force to test us.
    All good and thought provoking questions.

  • Epicurus ( 431BC-270BC ) wrote this long ago:

  • technically evil. look at the fucked up shit he did... but realistically, not real
    see above
    can't stop things when you don't exist
    read answers above

    it's not. we just live it. can you not read?
    god is not real, hence free will is real

    in the bible, lucifer were tag team partners, actually
    see above
    neither of them are real

  • OOO your going to love this YouTube channel.

    Here is an example,
    How God Favors Evil:

  • 1. Good, but that doesn't mean he's a pacifist--at all.
    2. I don't know, nor does it actually matter.
    3. God is clearly able to stop evil.
    4. No, because he might not be intervening for legitimate reasons.
    5. Your own soul needs to make its choices; someone can't predestine you.
    6. You cannot destroy the concept of evil; it's impossible. As long as good exists, so must it's philosophical opposite. Satan is the personification of evil.
    7. Of course he's powerful enough.
    8. I doubt it.

  • He doesn't exist. He was made up by humans.

  • 1. he is good
    2. what do you mean by evil things be specific
    3. again please be specific
    4. same
    5. no life is not a test no where in scripture does it say that
    people make shit up
    6. yes you have free will, no all of our actions are choices
    7. the guy already has too eat dirt all the days of his life, and what GOD creates can not be destroyed, that's why you hear of statements like heaven or hell is eternal cause people are eternal spiritually anyway

    you need too study the bible before making these statements

  • Don't believe everything religious organisations keep saying, in reality they have no more idea about a 'god' than anybody else. If there is some kind of super being they are certainly not perfect.
    Don't worry, just accept that nobody knows, where we come from or what happens when we leave. Just do your best to live a decent life and treat others with respect if you can.

  • 1. I'd say evil he let the entire earth drowned and some kids were killed for making fun of a guy
    2. well people say free will but in the bible he interferes many times and alters what people are gonna do so hmmm.
    3. he just chooses not to because you know those kids born with cancer pftt why stop that
    4. yes
    5. well it's still a test but god knows the result but test must be carried out for results to be made
    6. another reason it doesn't make sense
    7. fuck knows?
    8. probably is

  • 1. He's bad to the bone
    2. Because ain't nobody got time fo dat
    3. Don't tell God who he be
    4. As I said, he is bad to the bone
    5. Because God is a fun dude!
    7. Because Lucy is his bestie!
    8. Nah bruh
    9. Nah bruh

  • I have a simple argument that disproves an all powerful god:
    If god is all powerful, can he create a stone so heavy he can't lift it?
    If no, he can't create it, therefore isn't all powerful
    If yes, he can't lift it, therefore isn't all powerful

  • He's evil. There's your answer. The god who created this universe is evil, the god of Jesus is good. That was the theology of the man who created the first Biblical canon, Marcion of Sinope.

  • Honestly if you believe it all then all then yes your whole one big test with the little twist that everything is ok as long your sorry in time so yeah. Thats why its called faith something you believe without seeing I don't know

  • Not every religion believes in the devil and also there is a thing called Devine intervention , he can't interfere with our free will or others whether it be good or bad intentions , he can really just show us the right path. This is just my take on it but you should really ask a priest though

  • Did you know man is born with a "free" will?
    So it's not Gods fault that humans do bad things

    • but why are the babies born with cancer.

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    • I meant arguing as in debating. But man. Are you seriously going to make me do it? Alright. Next time I'll post a picture that will seriously disgust and offend you.

    • @Rawrzz ok

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  • There is no free will. God is a bully who never show its face.

  • He's nothing. Because he isn't real no matter what religion you choose.

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