I've been on the computer all day and my brain has essentially turned to cheese. What can I do to escape what I can only describe as mental damnation?

Let's go over some symptoms, shall we?

-I'm incapable of complex thought at this point.
-My energy is low.
-What is emotion? (I'm a cancer so this is kind of a big deal)
-No sex drive of any sort.
-I am easily startled.
-Irritability is high.
-Social anxiety has spiked.
-Slow to respond to things.
-zero attention span

Anyone else experienced this? What did you do?


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  • When I'm on the computer all day I do a variety of things some of which are pretty weird. What I'd suggest is-
    •Read a book/magazine/textbook/nutrition label on your cereal box (quite interesting)
    •Roll around on the floor (take a position with your arms at your sides and straight positioning it tends to jostle your brain a bit)
    •If you have a "spinny chair" sit in it and spin yourself around until you're dizzy
    •If you have any sort of malleable candy see how much of it you can stack and how cool of a shape you can stack it to
    •If you have any sort of pet, bother it by either tantalizing it with food or just being annoying (works with people too!)
    •See if you can lick your elbow
    •Do a handstand or sit where your body is higher than your head and see how long you can do it
    I'm out of ideas so hope this helps :P


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  • It's Saturday, why would you want to get out of this state of mind?

    I just get up and go... you just need to force yourself to be social. Or play a social game for a bit, maybe Call of Duty with a headset and communicate over that. Read online articles. Take a nap after words. Eat a healthy snack.

  • Had a nice hot bath listening to music


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  • Go to the gym after you will feel so much better

  • Shut it down my friend. That's what you can do