Where are all these conspiracy theories they keep talking about?

Like the North American Union and the Amero currency? When I was a teenager going to church we we're often talked about these conspiracy theories such as The. North American countries uniting like the European Union and the New World Order, vaccines being used for mind control, rfid chips being implemented in people for tracking and payment in lieu of cash and cards, the $10 and 20 a gallon gas prices, etc... From What I've seen the Dollar is still planning on staying the long term currency of. the. US, countries like. the UK want to leave the. EU, vaccines have prevented the spread of disease, and so far the. only place we've seen the chips is in the new debit and credit cards. So where did all these ideas go? Are they just scare tactics? Because so far none of. them are coming true.


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  • I think in the age of the internet you get the madder conspiracy theories but when you go back in time like for example the conspiracy theories around the JFK assassination can seem quite believable - I think what happens is you hear so many mad theories at the time that the one or two that come true you don't notice - I will give you an 2 examples in Ireland during the 1970s and 1980s there was a lot of whispers about the Catholic church and child abuse being covered up also we had a prime minister that everyone thought was a bit crooked, they would have been conspiracy theories at the time. Now years later looking back we can't believe the extent of the church cover up and the prime minister made a mafia boss look like a Tibetan monk.

    • A lot of the Catholic child abuse was going on in the US too. As well as UK, Australia, and most other Western nations where Catholicism is widely practiced

  • I would suspect that the government isn't completely ignorant what is happening in the conspiracy world. Aware of the suspicions, the best way around is to delay the operation or go around the issue.

    If time permits, delay is the best way to go since people opt to die eventually and the truth will get naturally covered up. Is like playing a game of Telephone.

    For example, if Generation A is the group of people who is spreading the conspiracy to Generation B, the government could simply do nothing and make Generation A the liar to Generation B.

    Generation B might have heard the conspiracy and believed some of it to be true, but the truth is not already 100% heard or understood. When Generation B began spreading the conspiracy, not 100% of the information is transferred to Generation C. Another words, for every succession the information is passed on to, there is a slight degrade of truth within that information, until the original source "Generation A" dies off and then slowly Generation B, Generation C and so on. Finally when the conspiracy reaches to the (nth) generation, everything simply becomes a hoax in the mind of the citizen. But the agenda still remains the same for the government.

    The chip idea is already been implemented, they're just waiting for people to accept this idea. Instead of a chip, they're using bio metric with options for people to still use their cards.

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