If you had a bad grade in the course and needed to meet the prof about it what would you tell him/her?

What would you tell them?


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  • What's the context here. It's not like your professor doesn't know that you got a bad grade. So is the professor asking you to visit him or her or do you want to go visit the professor? What's the story here?

    • Basically, I got A, A-, A- in my 3 other courses, but landed up with two bad grades from one faculty area.

      I didn't know how to study for that exam.

      I want to visit the professor to ask if I may re-write it or at least get some make-up assignments. It will really help

    • I don't exactly know what this means because I am not affiliated with your school. Different colleges behave differently and grade differently. It doesn't matter though. In this case goes to your professor and simply ask what you can do to elevate your grade. This is a common request from students every semester.

    • Do professors really help when students ask them for things like this?

      I have never really asked (except one time) and was declined

      But I think the context here is different because I'm an overall good student. At the time I wasn't even taht

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  • i wouldn't dare go up to them unless i've found things worth getting marks over. ill look at the criteria and see what i have or haven't included.

    if they've left something out or if they misunderstood my argument then ill go up to them. otherwise ill just accept the bad grade and move on. for me, a 'bad grade' is like 50 - 55% though.

    • I got mid-high 60s.

    • I also have been doing pretty well this term except for those courses.

    • yeah honestly i wouldn't do anything. some markers are harsher than others. i had the same issue last year. got excellent grades in all units except one where i'd b in the high 60's-early 70's. i just rolled with it though, and kept trying to improve.

      thing with harsh markers is u gotta do it their way rather than your own. eventually i figured out what their 'style' is and finished that unit with a mid 80's.

  • I would ask them why I scored this low or if I can do anything to make-up for it.

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