Will the University do it, or is this unreasonable?

They waived an entire term for me because I was NOT okay. In the least.

There was a point in time where I considered doing another semester to be waived.. but I had no documentation. So I didn't.

Now I am 2 years away from that and about ot graduate. I am considering asking them to waive that term with some/medium documentation.

But the problem is that I took some pre-requisite courses for my degree in that term. If they were to waive it, it would be as though it didn't happen, and I have already taken the subsequent courses for that stream.

I am debating whether to ask them, because it is asking for a lot, and not even sure this is possible.


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  • Waiving semesters? Wow, they didn't have this when I was young. Live and learn and don't waive. In the real world, you don't get that luxury which is why they didn't have it when I went to school.

    • I genuinely had a huge issue at hand with anxiety.

      Now they already helped me out once.. I don't think it's really likely they will help again.

  • why don't you just retake the classes and get your grades replaced? since when do schools waive semesters?

    • They waive it as non-accountable.

      I can't re-take it because I used all my repeats.

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    • You said they'd be happy taking the money. I don't know what you meant by that.

      Also, they did care. They took time out from their schedule to waive it the first time based on how good a student I was.

      The issue at hand is whether they will they still care

    • you said they'll lose respect for you. i said they don't give a shit. you're just student #14807. you staying longer just means they'll get an extra $20-40k out of you (however much tuition is). we aren't them so we don't know if they'll waive you. i've never heard of a school waiving an entire semester and limiting to 4 repeats. but if you're making c's and d's and f's in classes, you should probably change majors. got it? good

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  • why do you want that term waived as well? bad grades?

    if waiving prevents you from graduating, then i wouldn't waive. don't see a point in retaking those prereqs unless it would significantly improve your gpa

    • It will significantly improve my GPA.

      Yes, bad grades (including 2 Fs).

      This term I am doing way better with As, but I am still hesitant. I don't want them to say something in anger, something that may make me miserable (eg. you should be happy we waived it the first time or you would not even be allowed to continue in the program)

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    • My program has a maximum repeat all of which I used because I didn't waive that term

    • i see. is there an advisor you can ask about this instead of directly going to the people who actually decide on waiver requests? personally, if asking doesn't do you any harm... then ask.

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