Puberty done me well?

14 year old pimp
Puberty done me well?16 year old pimp

Post yours in the comments pimp. Everyone's a pimp as of now.

I'm sleeping very soudly in that pic, if anyone was wondering


What Girls Said 1

  • pretty sure working out did u well lol. puberty isn't done with u though as u know. I'm lost, are u still 16 or are u really 25-29 now?

    • 16 as of late, it's kinda hard to be 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29.

    • are u not even aware of ur supposed age bracket on ur profile?

    • Yes I was just playing around with you, I fucked up my age when signing up

What Guys Said 2

  • To be honest with you, you got that face, I guess, but your body muscle comes only from being skinny. I'm not questioning in how much you lift, or anything, and most women find that body type attractive, but I'd recommend gaining some weight while working out to develop mass.

    • it's a curse and a blessing, I was skin and bone so when I put on even the slightest amount of muscle it was very visible.

  • Looks cool bro...