Would you buy a car that had 60+ previous owners?

Than why would anyone want to be with somebody how has been with 60+ different people?

Would you buy a car that had 60+ previous owners?

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  • you're willing to overlook some things if you're getting a beautiful Aston Marton, but if you you're getting a Honda Civic thats had 60+ previous owners you dont quite feel the same incentive to overlook those details.


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  • Yeah because that is suuuuuuch a valid comparison... *eyeroll*

    • You're just mad because you think it's aimed purely at women when in actuality I was referring to both genders and even the ones in between.

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    • I think there are far more important aspects of a person's identity than sexual history. I prefer not to know my papers past or to tell them mine. I don't think it's relevant to who either of us are today.

    • It's completely relevant - it's something I wouldn't want to ask but most likely something I should know... I prefer not knowing my family's medical history but if it can help prevent prostate cancer than why not.

      Just like last year when I got cheated on, I knew her history decided to look the other way but at least it didn't completely blindside me when it happened because I knew the past.

  • People are not subject to depreciation. Bad analogy.

    • We age and wear down... that sounds like depreciation to me.

    • Older people are of lesser value to you?

    • I love and miss my deceased grand parents but we become less physically fit our mental capabilities slowdown as well as other things that occur... As cold and nihilistic as it sound - we lose value.

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