I've only been hit on by 2 guys irl they were attractive and sweet but i've never had a boyfriend though does this mean i'm not attractive?

I'm 18 never really had a boyfriend at all. Never had a first kiss either (not counting awkward toddler kisses)
and i feel ugly now that i think about it. I've only been called beautiful like by 4 different dudes but i have been called pretty more than 20 times so that makes me feel good. and i've only been approached IRL like by two guys they were handsome , sweet and educated though they were nothing more than a fling. If i go to a club/party i don't get hit on or approached i have noticed that i get stared at but that's it. I'd honestly say i'm pretty. I have a good body, big boobs, pretty big brown eyes etc. Yeah, maybe i'm not the most beautiful girl but i don't see why i shouldn't get attention from men. I'm really nice and funny if you get to know me since at first i'm really really shy and awkward but i can open up if you're worth it. I see girls that are less attractive than me ( no offence) get tons of compliments and attention by men i do also see girls that are more attractive get so much attention too and that makes me feel small and jealous. What should i do? Am i just not as attractive as i think i am? I'm feeling insecure as hell. Will i ever find a guy that will love me for me?

  • Yeah it means you are not as attractive as you think you are :(
  • No, it means something else? You'll find a guy!!
  • You're pathetic and ugly
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