What do you do when life just doesn't feel right?

I spent a great deal of my time trying to improve myself or reach some of my yearly goals. I got 4 left for this year then 2 more for next year. 1. pass my road test so am paying $255 for 6 more 45 min lessions 2. get a car which am just gonna put a down payment on a good used car. 3. pass cna school just got kicked out after my house burned down so going agin in a month. 4. Put on 40-80 pounds and eat better. Now as for next year big goal us passing lpn school so I'll be able to support myself. till then u won't be happy


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  • Good for you man, you've got clearly defined goals and you're working towards achieving them! Most people are just blindly going through life, with either no goals at all or very vaguely defined goals.

    In the title of your question, you're saying that life just doesn't feel right?

    • Yes it just doesn't feel right or something missing. But yes took a year of thinking yo find out what I wanna do.

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    • I find a good car for $2700 but like I said I got 3 months to save up. I wanna vist England this July. And plus. Still gotta pass my road test so I was gonna pay $250 for more lessions but I don't know. my mom said she would be willing to teach me but she still needs to get her car mirror fixed. I have only 6 hours worth of lession. Tks man I'll look it up

    • Car 1 maybe car 3 I wouldn't mind. but I still gotta pay to put it on the road ad car insurance

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