How to not feel ugly, when you actually aren't?

I suffered from mild acne when I was in middle school and it sort of scarred me and my perception. My self esteem is like bipolar. I feel very attractive but there are points where i feel really ugly that i battle with maintaining eye contact. My acne is nearly gone, occasional pimple here and there. But still i find this to be a problem, especially when deealing with opposite sex. I often go back and see picture of myself and think wow i am very attractive. But i can only feel that in that moment. When i go out i don't... Many people have complimented me etc but still i feel like this is impeding me from living life


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  • Practice to love yourself and the feeling will go

    • But how can i do that when i am in a love and hate relationship with myself. The problem is I am an overthinker

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  • Here's what helps me stop worrying about little things that don't matter: stop thinking about your little bit of acne. There are people out there whose faces have literally been melted off. By explosions from roadside bombs, in kitchen fires, by having acid thrown at them by tyrannical men, in steam room accidents. Disfigured in car crashes, or scraped off completely by road rash. Be glad you aren't one of them. Sometimes a grateful heart or some service work to help you focus on others can work wonders. :)

    • Yes I am very grateful for that. I mean I am loving and have a great heart for others minus myself

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