Has anyone here ever really really liked some, or loved, that was basically the opposite of what you find physically attractive?

For me it was a girl from highschooland to this day I still haven't fwlt the same way about a girl. I guess you could say she was the one who got away. What I find strange is that she was the exact opposite of what I find physically attractive. I love thicker girls and she was skinny as a twig, whick I find extremely unappealing. Yet I liked her so much

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  • Yeah it's happen. lol but I don't think about anyone I ever loved lol I kinda of shut down that part of me. I don't need it.

    • I'm so jelly. I wish I could do that

    • hahaha! It has its perks. But my threapist thinks I kinda ignore my feelings so I am indifferent about things. lol I can't help it. It much easier for me to ignore how i feel and pretend that person has died. I loved them once until they died. Died as in failed/abadon/ didn't care about me anymore or I just wasn't good enough for them. Oh well apples still gonna apple!

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  • I guess, i usually like fair skin with light brown hair and a lot of girls i liked and they seemed to like me quite a lot have these things but then i saw this girl, she's kinda short, tannish skin and dark brown hair with dark eyes and she was very cute and beautiful so i started liking her and talking to her more, the first combination is what i like the most but it doesn't mean i can't like anything else..


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  • so, what happened?

  • Nope, never, I like only people I find very attractive.


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