Should I buy a car or wait? is leasing a option?

A year ago I couldn't even find a job at all, I spent most of my days feeling like a loser back then. My first job was at Wendy's which I started working at sometimes last year it ducked ass. Now am at job number 2 dq&Popeyes so 2 jobs. I been at dq for almost 9 months now and am always thinking of ways to make more money. I was in school but dropped out after my house burned down.. traveling there by train was just too much on me. Every single goal I ever had for myself it's year I have made come true with hard work. Now I just have 3 goals left 1. pass my road test so paying for 6 more lessions. 2. get a car which I know is something that's really gonna make me feel good about myself. 3. Becoming a nurse.


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