What do you think about the "President Erdogan Offensive Poetry" Competition?

It's a competition where you send your most offensive poetry about the Turkish president Erdogan to a British magazine called "The Spectator" in support of freedom of speech, and as an added bonus win a cash prize.

It came about because a German comedian, Jan Böhmermann, made some vulgar joke about the Turkish President on TV (which probably every Western politician is very familiar with), to which the president responded with -- "The Republic of Turkey demands that this impertinent man is immediately punished for insulting a president, within the scope of German law," Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said. He also called the poem a "serious crime against humanity."

The joke was pulled from the broadcast, and from YouTube.

Also, "German Chancellor Angela Merkel indicated that she would allow the potential prosecution of the offending comedian under an otherwise obscure law meant to shield the honor of foreign leaders."

--according to this article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2016/04/19/british-magazine-send-us-your-rude-poems-about-turkeys-erdogan/


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  • Germany does have a law that says you can't insult members of foreign governments. It's a dumb law if you like free speech, but the German comedian might be in hot water.

    As for the UK, I dunno. Apparently the Turkish president has no sense of humor and isn't the "sticks and stones" type so he'll probably get pissed at the UK now. They'll either have to say, "Sorry bruv, get over it," and take a hit to their relationship with Turkey, or consider putting a foot on the slippery slope. I hope they go with the first one.

    And the day a head of state thinks a poem is a crime against humanity is the day that person should resign his fucking post.

    • Merkel should be ashamed to even suggest prosecuting that guy. And yeah, that "crimes against humanity" part was one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard.

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  • I think the Turkish President should be forced to kiss a leper on live-stream TV, while The Rolling Stones perform a cover of "This Man Is A Toad" in the background.

  • i find it very disrespectful. they dont even know erdogan but write lots of bad stuff!

    • It might be disrespectful, but the point is you can't punish people for saying things you don't like, even if they're insulting or disrespectful things. That's how a free society with freedom of speech works.

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    • There's no line there, not when it comes to the law. You can't imprison people for saying insults - which is what this president wants Germany to do. That's outrageous in my opinion. Doesn't matter if it's not respectful, you can't punish people for speech like that.

      Besides, this was a comedian making a joke! People get too offended these days, his deputy prime minister even said is was "a crime against humanity" I mean are you kidding me? lol I can think of much worse crimes

    • if someone insults you, you can start a case against them so thats something personal and we can't do anything about it. you can find it weird but he thinks that its normal to start a case and i give him right. we just have different opinions

  • I expect that those who contribute poetry will be put on some sort of black-list lol


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