If you were given choices, which dog would you pick?

Read the description before you click

1. Siberian Husky (medium size)
Extremely intelligent;can outsmart the owner,
tons of energy; never runs out of steam,
stubborn; will not obey if not interested or tempted,
strong body; can pull sledges, can give facial expressions, very very friendly.

Awful watchdog, sheds a lot, doesn't listen, destructive when bored, howls a lot, digs a lot
hates cats; instinct will tell him to destroy cats.

2. GSD (medium-large)

The best police and military dog.

Strong, intelligent, trainable, excellent guard and attack dog, lots of energy, will obey command, good with kids

Sheds a lot, canine diseases such as hip and elbow dysplasia, not good with cats,
vet bill will be high

3. Doberman (med-large)
This one has a bad reputation, which it doesn't deserve. All the dobs I've seen were well behaved,
unless... you threaten their owner.
Strong, alert, excellent guard dog, doesn't shed a lot, very intelligent, amazing guard instinct, will get along with other dogs and even cats.

Canine diseases, can be very aggressive, can be a bit stubborn if not trained well, not very good for small kids.

4. Pitbull ( medium, NOT the Bully breed)
Strong Willed. Bad reputation, most
Obedient. dangerous dog,
Loyal. But loves the owner

5. Bakharwal (large 28- 34inch height)
You might have never heard of this one.
Very territorial, strong boned, highly muscled, strong willed, almost no diseases, intelligent.

Male Bakharwals will hate each other, very aggressive, not very good with kids, can't tolerate heat

Special: This dog is vegetarian, loves milk and bread, but will not eat meat,
Very healthy;doesn't fall sick

  • Siberian Husky
  • German Shepherd
  • Doberman
  • Pitbull
  • Bakharwal
  • None, they all suck. (GTFO!, don't even touch this one!)
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PLEASE read the description well.
Some people touched the last option.*sigh*


Most Helpful Girl

  • i chose pitbull because the long haired ones would be horrible for my climate (hot and humid) i like pugs the best though

    • Dobs are short haired too.

    • so are pitbulls... do u prefer dobermans?

    • They seem like they know what I am thinking.
      The the dob I know is very playful, loves to bite my feet.
      Pitbulls are great too, somewhat clownish, they love the owner but can get aggressive any time with strangers and other dogs. The one I know attacked my GSD once.
      I like both, but I like dobs a bit more.

Most Helpful Guy

  • German Shepherd for me, from those.


What Girls Said 15

  • We have a rescue pibble (= how my 5-year-old pronounces "pit bull"), in addition to our part-Chihuahua, part-Pomeranian, part-something-else rescue bae. So, I gotta vote for the pibble, even though I love 'em all.


    By the way -- LOLLLLL Bakharwal dogs are not "vegetarians" that "won't eat meat".

    Dude, you know that ALL dogs are exactly the same species, right? ALL dogs are Canis familiaris, just like ALL humans are Homo sapiens. All of them have exactly the same insides, and can digest exactly the same kinds of foods in exactly the same kinds of ways.
    ALL dogs are designed to be primarily carnivorous, but they can also survive on other types of food as a survival adaptation.

    The Bakharwal dogs that live in India mostly eat a vegetarian diet because they were domesticated by the Jains -- a tribe that eats a strict vegetarian diet themselves. The Jains don't kill animals for meat, so they don't feed meat to their dogs, either.
    THAT is why Bakharwal dogs are "vegetarians". Dude.

    It's not good for them, either. The Bakharwal dogs in India tend to have low birth rates, high mortality rates, and a low life expectancy. The same breed of dog lives almost twice as long, and has almost twice as many pups per litter, when it's fed the kind of diet a dog is SUPPOSED to eat -- with mostly meat.

    • "The Bakharwal dogs that live in India mostly eat a vegetarian diet because they were domesticated by the Jains -- a tribe that eats a strict vegetarian diet themselves. The Jains don't kill animals for meat, so they don't feed meat to their dogs, either.
      THAT is why Bakharwal dogs are "vegetarians". Dude."
      You really don't know about Bakharwals then.
      Baks were domesticated be the Gujjars, a Muslim tribe in Kashmir.
      When in Kashmir I tried to feed a Back some lamb meat she smelled and turned her head away, while all other dogs just can't resist lamb meat.
      Obviously they are endangered but that's not the reason. They reproduce slowly, yes. But some Baks on a veg diet have grown up to 34in and 70 kilo. Google it if you think I am wrong. This is all personal experience.

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    • "People throughout most of Asia eat insects as delicacies/snacks."
      WHAT? I am an Asian damn it. What type of crazy generalization is this? Not every Asian country likes to eat bugs.

      "Dude, dogs are primarily carnivorous. Have you seen their mouths? Have you noticed that their teeth are... CANINE teeth?
      Which are designed for ripping and tearing things?"
      Thats why I listed this as a special trait.
      The owners say that doesn't matter how much and how long you try, they just don't like it, but go crazy for milk and maize bread.
      This is weird I know, but I saw it.

    • I didn't say *every* Asian cuisine includes insects (nor did I say everyone eats them, even in countries those cuisine does include them). I'm just using that as an example.
      I mean, just take ANY example.
      I mean... for instance, I ate Easy Cheese on crackers growing up. I'm sure that most of my friends from other countries would be absolutely horrified by Easy Cheese.

      You get my point.

  • Ohh this was a very tough choice! Dobermans are my #1 favorite dog breed, but GSDs and pitties come VERY close behind! I ended up going with the doberman, but in reality I would like all 3. :)

  • I have a dobie and he's the best dog ever. My family has always had them, along with other dogs. I also have a greyhound, and they are the best of friends.

  • Always the Husky!

  • A German Shepard thank you. Vet bill can be high I don't mind. My best friend is a veterinarian.

  • Pittys also have an undeserved bad reputation, I volunteer with dogs at an animal shelter and a lot of the bigger dogs are pitts, most of them are very sweer and loving dogs. In fact, the majority of the more "reactive" (harder to handle, more likely to react poorly towards people) dogs are not pittbulls, we have only one out of about 8 reactive dogs. I once read a study that The American Kennel Club conducted where they found pittbulls to be no more dangerous than say a German Shepard (can't find it online, but it was in magazine run by Best Friends Animal Society).

  • I went with pitbull since I already own one.

  • Huskies are my weakness

  • Husky all the way!

  • I would take any of them!

  • Pitbull, it's the strongest dog here ;)

  • I love all dog breeds, but I'd probably go with a Doberman or German Shepherd out of these 💕

  • Why aren't corgis an option?


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What Guys Said 11

  • Had a dobie and shepard. both great, but loved the dobie personality. Smart, loving, crafty, good with kids, protective. Great dog!

  • Out of those a German shepherd by far. These dogs will (and do) take bullets for their owners. It's also the one least prone to going apeshit and biting people.

  • i would take the pitbull because i know how loving they can be.

  • The husky and I seem to have a lot in common.

  • There's only one, or maybe two, that I'd ever want. The main choice would be a Border Collie. The second choice would be a Staffie. if push really does come to shove, I'd go for a Springer Spaniel.

  • I picked the Bakharwal, but my favorite dog is the St Bernard!

    • The Back? Why? Too bad I couldn't see a St. Bernard, the climate is hot here.

    • Same here, I live in south-center Italy, so having one would make the poor beast suffer way too much.
      Anyway, I said the Backharwal 'cause, as you can tell, I love big dogs.

  • I had German Shepherd, i want a Rottweiler now.

  • I have a german sheppard they are pretty good dogs

  • German shepard or husky. I did have a husky as a kid. That dog was so ROWDY!

  • Huskies are too freaking stubborn. German Shepherd definitely.


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