Look at the object to your left. Can you use it to describe your outlook on life?

To my left is my son's guitar.

• It reminds me of what's important in life. The beautiful and enjoyable things -- art, music, etc. -- ultimately bring more happiness than careers and so on.

• It has 6 strings. That's not too many, but not too few, either.
This makes me think -- We shouldn't try to control TOO many things in our lives. If we try to micromanage every single little thing, that would be like trying to play a guitar with 1000 strings; it would just be overwhelming, and it would sound like crap.
But, we also need to find ENOUGH things to make our lives meaningful. If a guitar only had 1 string, it would be terribly boring and unfulfilling to play, and it wouldn't make beautiful music. Similarly, if we don't find our "niche" in enough areas of life, we won't feel fulfilled personally.

• It's electric, but it can be acoustic, too.
I like tech stuff, but I also like to "unplug" and enjoy life's simple pleasures from time to time.

• The strings only make music when they're under tension.
This might be my favorite analogy. I am NOT a "peace and quiet" type of person. I absolutely thrive under conditions of relative chaos, stress, and "crisis management".

Stupid but fun exercise. What's the object to your left? Can you use it to make an analogy about life?


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  • My tobacco pipes and a container of my pipe tobacco, all that says to me is that life's simple pleasures are worth indulging in and should b enjoyed for what they are, not running around worrying about what might kill you and what might not.

    • My maternal grandfather smoked his pipe every day, and also dipped (chewing tobacco). You better be careful, he only lived to be 97.

      Srsly though, I don't worry at all about things that supposedly "take years off yr life". I mean... dude, it's the years at the *end*! It's not the awesome fun years when I'm vibrant and awesome and look stunning in dresses haha. I'm not worried about only living to be, say, 70 instead of 95.

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    • ikr? lol
      he was a tough mf'er -- one of the 29 original Navajo 4th Division Marines who developed the "code talker" language. He even *liked* the K-rations from the war (the same ones that made some vets literally vomit just from *seeing* them later on). haha.

      agreed with you about the stress thing. I tend to thrive under conditions of high "stress" -- like chaos, and lots of things going on -- but I am a very low anxiety person. I can count the number of things I actually worry about on one hand.

    • Hah totally and I mean have you ever even heard of tobacco pipe smokers dying young from smoking? I mean so little actually do that they can't even really make statistics on it lol.

      Sounds like a great guy highest respect for our armed forces and yeah the marines are no joke there's a reason why they are one of the toughest units in the world. My grandfather was also one.

      Yeah I'm the same I mean I'm usually calm under stressful conditions were everyone is freaking out I'm just sitting there twiddling my thumbs lol. And that's good.

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  • Coffee with cream/sugar & Toilet paper.
    1.) We add all these artificial thing's to our life because we can't accept the truth as it is of whatever or whomever. Too strong so we weaken it and by doing so we only weaken ourselves. We cover things up to make ourselves feel better/life taste better lol
    2.) We all need help, but we cover our source's/opportunities in our own bull💩. Lol so fragile yet we are still rough with the handling. Something so useless or delicate looking can serve so many wonderful purposes😂 look's are deceiving.
    I don't know if I did what you asked right, but YOLO lol😜

    • Absolutely did it right! I like these.

      On the other hand, I am all about taking advantage of artificial things to make life better and make ourselves more beautiful. Hell yeah I am -- AFTER we've reached our potential with what we can do naturally (without sacrificing too much).
      I mean... yeah. I have a boob job and a mommy make-over, I don't go anywhere without a full face of makeup, and I'm all about taking various meds to say "fuck you" to the aging process haha.
      But, these are all things that I'm piling on top of a solid fitness plan, a good diet, and tons and tons of self-discipline -- they're NOT "substitutes" or "cheating" or "doing anything the easy way", and that's important.

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    • MEOWWWWWW lol Thanks beautiful @redeyemindtricks

    • yr welcome luv!

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  • Aha! My Personal Computer 💻

    ●We can upgrade it by adding new hardwares. I can upgrade myself too. By doing various things in life. By experimenting several fields. I need guitar to play, I need swimming pool to swim, I need dumbells to lift. It doesn't need all the hardwares it has, but they make it better and year after year, new hardwares are introduced. I can improve myself too by changing the guitar, going into deeper pool and trying heavier dumbbells.

    ●Someday, its hardwares will get old to function specific tasks, like my body.

    ●It has internet which contains everything. My life is full of opportunities too. I just have to enter the valid URL to open the gates.

    ●It needs electricity to run, just like I need food. Too much electricity could blast the system and too much food could make me obese and diabetic? Well, weird analogy lol.

    ●We cannot use PC outdoors. It represents my personality. I'm an introvert.

    ●It's put on a table. Literally, a "computer table". We need a proper place to live for the best output. And a good balance in life too.

    ●It makes me happy. My PC is always there for me when no one wants to be around me. I'm same. I'm loyal and I try to make everyone happy. Sometimes it gets viruses and gets hanged, so do I when I'm ill or just not in good mood, I find it hard to communicate.

    ●It has some hidden files and password protected folders. I have so many secrets and some information only for specific people.

    ●Its wires are interconnected and plugged in the right slots. I'm also an organised person.

    ●It's not the best PC around, but it has fine quality speakers, decent GPU, good CPU & RAM, multimedia keyboard with quality mouse, HD monitor but not Full-HD. It is an assembled computer to give optimum performance. I'm jack of all trades, master of none. There's nothing in which I can call myself best in the world, but I can do so-so many things fairly well. While I'm too good in some and just acceptable in others. I'm versatile, I managed myself according to the limits, resources, potential and requirements.

    • I like all of these!

      I actually have a Panasonic Toughbook laptop specifically because I like lying out in the sun so much lol. Yep, srsly. I bought a specific laptop for the sole purpose of doing work while I lie out in the sun and heat.
      (The Toughbooks are supposed to be for people like contractors, who work outside in the elements... I don't think their target customer was "fitness chick who likes to suntan", but, hey, lol.)

      Totally with you on the hardware thing, haha. I am all about external body hacks, in addition to the stuff you mentioned. Workouts, drugs, a little bit of plastic surgery after giving birth 3 times... yep lol

      As far as the wires -- I just shove them all under the desk so I don't have to look at them. They're not organized at all lol.
      I'm like a swan -- on the surface I look all calm and graceful, but, underneath the water, I'm thrashing around like a spaz.

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    • It puts you into Richie Rich or a Pokémon master category who's either so rich or just want to catch 'em all 😂

    • Lol... the android and windows phone are tax write-offs, and I wouldn't be able to test/review fitness apps if I didn't have them. so they basically cost me negative dollars, so, not richie rich. I guess it's pokemon

  • The window... so i guess technically it gives some kinda outlook...

  • To my left is extension with many sockets like me and so many plugs inserted in those sockets just like this fucking my life.. Holy crap its a gang rape


    Yup my life is fucked

  • Yes it's a deep freezer , I try not to have a cold outlook on life thou lol

    • ah nice.

      If I had to make an analogy with the freezer:
      Stuff lasts longer when you put it in there, but it never quite tastes the same as when it's fresh.
      The analogy is -- People who are "cold" with their emotions, and so on, may feel like they're going to last longer in life... but they won't experience life itself with as much flavor.

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    • There have been so many thing happen that serve to limit and constrict life's zest , but it doest mean I won't look and acknowledged it where I find it. So all in all we choose to do the best with what we have

  • To my left I have a manual on motorcycle skills.
    The cry for freedom of the open road.
    The way most deem to be illogical or downright suicidal.
    What's the point of being alive when you're not living.
    That's what I see.

    • Absolutely agreed.
      Not taking risks is the worst risk of all.

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    • Eh! Quite the family of handyman and handywoman eh. The University of Hard Knocks. I started out on cars as well but once I felt the air of the open road , it's hard going back. Like moving from gentle sex to HARD FUCKS.
      3 kids and going for a 4th , hot damn. Not satisfied with a hat trick and moving onto quads. Well I can see why motorcycles might be a problem , prolly a SUV is the only way with that many eh?

      Still, could always go on two wheels on the weekend and feel out the twisties. Just an idea. :P

    • We are actually thinking of adopting 2 more. (:

      I also get lots of my routine work done on my longer drives. (If you're a state trooper in any of the western states, I didn't say that.) That would obviously be impossible on a motorcycle.

  • My cellphone:
    -It is cheap, thus reminding me I am poor.
    -My dad got it, from Italy. This both reminds me of how much I dislike him and also about how I wish I could travel somewhere, but I can't because I'm poor.
    -I talk with my crush on it, which reminds me I almost can't talk to her in public at all.
    -It has a computer, which processes everything using only pure logic, without emotion. I think if everyone acted out of logic, and not so much on emotion, the world would be a better place. Also, if pain is an emotion, I certainly don't want any of them.
    -If I turn off the screen I can see my reflection. I don't like my face.
    PS: Are you going all Catcher in the Rye on us @redeyemindtricks?

    • If everyone acted out of "logic" all the time, I'm afraid that the "logic" would still be based very much in emotions -- only the wrong ones. We'd probably end up with something a lot like the Third Reich.

      Why can't you talk to yr crush in public? Nerves?

      I don't remember the Catcher in the Rye, other than that I didn't really understand the point of it when I was 14. What are you referring to, specifically?

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    • Ah I see.
      Nah, I just saw my son's guitar and was randomly thinking about it. Ha.

    • She often has her friends around her. Don't know how to talk to her with her friends around, haha.
      Besides, my bullies could see me and make fun of me :(

  • very creative. oddly enough its a guitar... and I agree!

  • To my left is my toaster. It shows me that it will be there whenever I need it. When I've had a rough day at the office, my toaster is there for me. When it's Sunday morning and I haven't had breakfast, my toaster is there for me. How many people can you rely on like that? Very few. You can't trust everyone you meet, but you can trust your toaster.

    • Hah speak for yourself -- we had TWO toasters spontaneously catch fire in my house growing up. Never had any other appliance get so close to burning the damn house down. LOL #srslytho

    • Maybe you should have treated it better

  • A confidential paperwork shred bin
    Lol I don't know, um I discard my past?

  • Well, right to my left is my Boss RC300 loop maschine. Well, I guess I'll run in circles all my life but every time something new is added until it's a masterwork that will repeat itself over and over again.

    • ahah nice. What kind of music do you make/play?

      Hey, if yr working toward a "masterwork" then I guess yr doing life the right way.

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    • cool, you should let me know if you put anything up, I'd like to see it

    • Sure, I'll inform you if something is up.

  • Every time I answer a question, this one pops up in my feed and every time there isn't anything that can really describe my life. I guess, the TV since sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in front of the silver screen.

    • Aw srsly? Hm. This made me think -- I looked at all the random objects around me, and I can make some sort of non-trivial analogy with just about *all* of them.

      Not just to life, but also to how I see relationships/marriage, and to how I see motherhood (which was actually the original genesis of this question -- I posted this about 1 minute after my "What's yr favorite memory of yr mother?" question, and I was first thinking of the stuff around me in terms of motherhood.)

      Double-interesting, since I'm usually a total fail of an abstract thinker hahah.

      When you say "stuck in front of the silver screen", are you talking about, like, that Socrates cave allegory thing? Stuck looking at shadows rather than experiencing the actual world, kinda thing?

    • It's Plato actually and no. I was referring to my shyness and depression which came as a result had me sitting in front of my PC and TV for hours wasting my life. David Bowie actually sang about the silver screen in his song "Life on Mars".

      It's something I'm working on. I'm trying to find out what it is I want from life, and how do I get it.
      These types of thoughts frighten me so I go back to the silver screen.

  • to my left is the wall and my door. When One door closes, another one opens.. hasn't been that way for me in relationships

  • Stapler , this is gonna be hard..
    Maintaining a Family doesn't mean lack of freedom for yourself.
    A well positioned stapler pin will hold the pages together as well as give you the liberty to read freely.

  • I'm in a car and my coworker is to my left. He's a nihilist, so I will have to say that no, he doesn't represent my outlook.

    • ahh but you could probably define yr own outlook on life a little better, by using him as a foil/contrast... no?

      Honestly, if there's one thing I've learned in life, it's that "negative role models" are just as important as positive ones. Like, people you can look at and say, "I definitely DON'T want to do that" or "I definitely DON'T want to be like that person".

  • There's a wall.
    What does it mean: it's a wall.

  • my classic ipad that i refuse to upgrade
    Which is fitting because im a young kid but i feel like im into older things
    I don't know lol

    • Hey, well, we've got a ratrod in our garage whose body is from a 1931 Model A. So... I feel ya on that one.

  • my smartphone... it basically is my life, lol

  • Funny enough the object on my left is a pile of trash on a stand

    That's how I feel my life is

    Stuff that may be useful but mixed up in trash. Like a diamond in the rough

  • To my left there is a chair and my iphone connected to the computer for downloading apps via itunes.
    It means fun is forth coming...

    • When I think about itunes, I think about how cool it was to have a cassette Walkman when I was a kid, and how CD's were totally a New Thing when I was about to graduate from high school. (My first CD player couldn't even rewind or fast-forward through tracks -- I had to listen to the entire track again, if I wanted to hear some part over again.)
      In general, this makes me think about how I shouldn't take anything for granted, and about how EVERYTHING is always changing.

      In terms of my kids, this makes me think about how stupid it would be for them to do specific "career planning" at this point. Hahaha. I mean... Of my 6 best friends from high school, only 3 have jobs that actually even *existed* when we were in school together.

    • That's good to hear about old memories. I remember using the Nokia black and white mobile phones. It was fun though.

  • My roid injections? Lmaooo

    I mean it get me big and I kill it with more speed and force out there

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    • Dang so from like 10 yrs? U need to hmu in inbox OP

    • Yeah, longer than that. I got married in April 2001, so, basically since around then.

      If you have random questions about stuff, you can pm, sure

  • To my left is the toilet roll, guess it's just a shit life that keeps rolling round until that final fight for the last square!

  • It's a box of chocolates, LOL.

  • To my left is my window. It reminds me that there is an ponderously enormous universe crying out to us to explore and understand it.

  • On my left?
    My desktop computer and my tablet (open windows to billions of pages in the world) and a bottle of water. (my gluttony LOL)

  • My ps4 game on

    • ahah yeah, there's an Xbox controller here too.

      The buttons on the controller make me think of the same thing as the 6 strings on the guitar. There's enough of them to pose a challenge, but not so many that it's just ridiculous.

      I've been playing Witcher 3 on our PS4 when I've had the time.

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    • That is so cool, if you want a really nice game that is not too difficult and fun to play keep your eyes on final fantasy 15 coming in September, and kingdom hearts 3 coming out in 2017

    • yeah
      I mean, I like games that are challenging, but I don't like games that are stupidly challenging in a way that's boring. You get what I mean?

      Like, if something is really hard because you have to genuinely think yr way through a series of steps -- that's fine. (I like a lot of the physics games for mobile platforms -- like the Cut the Rope games -- for this reason.)

      On the other hand, if it's really obvious what you have to do, but you just have to practice a million zillion times (like you have to execute some series of moves in some insanely short time)... or if you just have to randomly guess some series of moves... then, yeah, no, I'm out. I can lose interest in a whole game if there's even *one* challenge like that, unless there's a way around it. Ain't got time for that lol

  • I got a remote
    it makes me think that i am watching everyone's else have a good time while i do nothing but sit here

    • This is actually a thing that's been given a name, because it's become such a big deal with the advent of social media: they've started to call it Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).

      Basically, it's a false comparison. You are comparing YOUR out-takes to EVERYONE ELSE's highlight reel.
      It's tempting, but... yeah, don't do that. (:

  • To my left i have my water bottle.

    • and what does it say about yr outlook on life?

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    • ah, a thermos... with less capacity than other bottles of the same size, because so many walls. O__O
      ... but at least the stuff inside stays cool when everyone else's is boiling. that's the trade-off -- would you rather have more, or stay cool?

      hahah #gettindeepinhere

    • No worries i love philosophical approaches :)
      Well truth be told its a massive thermos 38fl oz, and it holds massive amounts of water. So more energy needs to be expended to make it warm and full of life. I would like to retain my cool but not become ice cold nor boiling hot. A happy medium where even if the sun gets on it, there will be little to no change in tempature and i can enjoy a beverage.

  • Why does it always have to be my left? Why can't it be the right for once?


What Girls Said 13

  • My stuffed animals.

    It really shows my outlook on life because 1 is pretty, 1 is ugly, the ugly one is small, the pretty one is large,.

    The beautiful in life doesn't always come in large quantities and it can literally be anything. Something childish, a childrens toy really, or something sweet, a gift between two lovers.
    The ugly comes in life too, an it seems to be a lot more (or bigger) than the beautiful simply because it's so negative.

    People tend to pay more attention to the negative, the ugly, rather than trying to glimpse the beauty it's hiding.

    Without the ugly in life, there'd be no beauty. They compliment each other.

  • on my left is my design project's plan lol.
    it reminds me that I am fucking late and that I should log off of gag and get my ass to work xD
    other than that this is basically going to be my job. even more, architecture is a lifestyle.
    cheers haha ;)

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    • oh that sucks. but at least the first year of credits still counts, then?
      (in some types of school -- for instance, medical school -- you'd have to start all over again, because the curriculum isn't structured in the same way)

    • no I almost lost a year.
      I am supposed to be 3rd year now.
      but I have mixxed courses from 1rst, 2nd and 3rd year so it s pretty screwed up haha

  • To my left is my closet with half a door. :D

    I guess it can be like how I'm mostly stuck in a single room with my computer being my only window to anything outside my house.

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    • ahh damn... yeah, I had a close call on a winding road once. this one was a 2-lane road with a sheer drop on the outside. I was in the outside lane, and a big truck was coming around the other way, about halfway into my lane. I couldn't pull off any further (because sheer drop on the outside), so, I just kinda hoped for the best.
      I could feel the right-hand side of my car losing traction -- literally, starting to go off the drop -- and then the truck clipped the back left side of my car (big long '77 De Ville) and actually spun my car back ONTO the road.
      yep -- if I was driving a car that was even 2 or 3 feet shorter, I'd probably have died.

      still... nope, nothing could take away my love of driving. I mean, I grew up welding car bodies together from age 12 onward, and racing illegal beaters when I was 14 lol... so, yeah. I've already driven over 1.5 million miles in my life, and, the single thing that made me happiest when I came back to the US was being able to drive again.

    • in any case... best of luck in getting back behind the wheel again. baby steps gurl! <3 it's an awesome thing

  • To my immediate left is one of my dogs, but I gather you're asking about material objects. In that case, to my left is a beautiful Mason & Risch upright piano, made right here in Toronto in 1925 with ivory keys that are yellowed but still intact. I guess if I think about it, the piano reminds me of several things:

    - That high quality musical instruments are harder to come by nowadays unless you pay a lot of money for them or you get one that is basically an antique (like my piano). Average, mass produced instruments are fine but they aren't made in countries like Canada or the US anymore.

    - The realization that beauty often comes at a price. Looking at the ivory keys is a great testament to that thought.

    - That classical music has the ability to reflect every single human emotion, and it serves as a reminder to us that we are emotional beings no matter how often we try to suppress those feelings.

    - With years of dedication and self discipline, one can master their passions. Even masters need to constantly work at keeping up that skill. My husband plays this piano beautifully and with such grace. I can only hope that our future child (ren) will want to sit at that piano with the same determination.

    There's probably more that can be added to that, but I'm not good at analogies at all.

    • Ah that's beautiful. I am a huge fan of classical (actually Romantic more than Classical, if we're getting technical) music.

      Piano solos were the first "classical" music that really hooked me. There was this guy in my high school who played the piano, and was super eccentric, and insanely good. (He was actually on the faculty at the Universität Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria, a couple years back... so he's apparently even better than I knew. lol)

      He played with this INCREDIBLE passion. It was unbelievable, and inspiring. Kind of thing that brought tears and a smile to my face at the same time.
      The first pieces he played that really stuck in my head were Chopin's Ballades and Scherzos, and Liszt's La Campanella. (The latter of those was even more amazing because he's pretty short and has small hands, so, those parts with all that jumping 2 octaves back and forth... yeah lol)

  • No I can't because on my left are two Mexicans talk stupid lol

  • ur full of great questions today :D

    to my left is a glass mug that i ate ice cream out of.

    it's transparent like how i like my intentions to be. there's no sincerity unless you make your goals crystal clear with people involved.

    there are remnants of the ice cream left in the cup which proves that all sweet experiences leave memories of themselves in my heart.

    • ahah nice!

      although if the mug is round, it will still distort the view everywhere except in the middle (and especially around the edges). so, that could remind you that, even if something is "crystal clear" to you, no one else will ever see things in exactly the same ways that you do.

  • a wooden chair, two crosses, doggy dishes, a window, and a house plant. i need to sit my ass down and do my work, i need to pray more (Lord knows i have a lot to be thankful for), i love animals (four puppies will do that to ya lol), i need to explore more (we have legit land behind our house now so i should go check out things; plus metaphorical new things), enjoy life - it doesn't last long (just like cheap house plants)

  • To my left is a an electric heater and it keeps me warm and it reminds me of fiery passion that I would like to one day burn in my soul again

  • To my left, is my phone.

    It reminds me of the text messages sent by friends, which if I never had any, I wouldn't hear the pleasent ring and the funny text that I hear 24/7. Though it's annoying, thinking about it right now makes me proud of having friends that are always supporting me.

    It reminds me of the ring that comes when a friend is calling, wanting to speak to you about something interesting (usually), or calling to cheer you up on a crappy day. A ring to tell you that your friend is right there and wanting to hear your voice, a ring to make you know they're by your side to help you with whatever, and that you are also there to help them, too.

    And a shitty outlook, when someone spams you on text and yur phone is constantly ringing, annoying the f**k outta u

    • Hahah yeah. Nice thoughtful response!

      My phone's default ringtone (and text alert tone) is "No Ring". It's just silent -- mostly because I have a super-weird sleep schedule, but also because I get into "grooves" of concentration where any disturbance would knock me out of that groove pretty fast. But, I have special ringtones for my husband and my oldest son (the only one of my kids who's old enough to have his own phone), as well as for anyone who's directly or indirectly charged with the care of my kids (= coaches and so on).

      When I'm chillaxin and I don't mind randoms, I change it to "vibrate all".

      And even if my phone is totally incommunicado, my husband/son can still go into my "find my iphone" account and make it blow up that way, the same way I do when I misplace it (which happens way too often, lol).

    • Welp, usually my phone's on my bed so vibrate doesn't work as well, but I get the 'Find my iPhone' thing lol

  • I'm in the kitchen and to my left I see dishes. It reminds me of my Mother. She choose these dishes specifically to use in the kitchen because they are made of good material. This makes me thinks of how caring she is and how she has passed that on to me.

    • Ahh nice.

      I think a lot of people under-appreciate the value of high-quality, well-made things. I definitely know a LOT of people who ultimately end up paying MORE for things that are cheaper, because they break a lot and have to be replaced over and over again. (And these aren't poor people who are forced to buy cheaper things by economic circumstances, either.)

      That shows good long-term planning ability, tbh. Same thing with the "cost per wear" approach to buying clothes -- again, I know lots of people who buy less expensive clothes but end up actually paying more in the long run, because their clothes wear out faster (and have no resale value).

  • To my left is a laundry basket which reminds me I should do a load this morning.

  • The object to my left is a jewelry box.
    It's worn and weathered on the outside holding the secrets of the valuable contents.
    One would need to see beyond the exterior to ever appreciate the treasures with in.

    • Very cool, yeah.

      I bet that being "worn and weathered" makes it look better. At least that's how I feel about most of the things like jewelry boxes that we have around here. Also, my favorite leather jackets and so on -- they look better with time.

      My husband has even succeeded in convincing me that I'm actually more beautiful with the stretch marks and other battle-scars from 3 natural childbirths. (He genuinely thinks this, too -- it's not an act. He runs his fingers along some of the lines I've gotten from giving birth and actually gets hard... yeah, I win at life. lol)

    • Dang, I want one like that😥 Hell yeah to you for landing him!!!

    • yeah, he kinda loves everything about women, lol. my husband and my father both -- they just love everything about us. including the periods, and the cray cray, and the mood swings, and... like, all the things.

      I mean, I definitely do my part every day to keep things hot and fresh in this marriage, and I never take anything for granted. but, yeah we've been married 15 years and it gets better (and hotter) every day.

  • To the left of me is wall. It reminds me of being trapped. I can't go anywhere, I can't do anything. I can't drive, I have no job, I have no money, I just feel trapped!

    • Oh dang. But, you have the internet at least... that's a pretty powerful connection to the outside world. Can help you do at least SOME "exploring", of the virtual kind if nothing else.

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    • Thanks!

    • Yah no prob. Good luck!