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There's a girl I know who posted a selfie to Facebook and another friend of mine shared it; she typed a comment on her selfie with him tagged in it asking why he shared it: he said he didn't mean to, saying it was a force of habit from typically sharing things he likes on Facebook. I don't know what reason he'd intentionally share it, but even if he did, the thing in my logic is that she DID post the selfie with an inspirational quote - and I never understood why girls post selfies with SONG lyrics. Anyway, isn't there just a *part* of you that thinks one should be disqualified from being creeped out by having people share their selfies if there are quotes or lyrics typed with their selfies?

  • I agree with you.
  • It's still creepy.
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  • you've never heard girls say "music is life"

    they'll have a vault of lyrics in their head which they can relate to... many times they'll use lyrics to communicate feelings.


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  • If she didn't want it shared that's what restricting your post to friends only is for. You post it for everyone then don't be surprised when everyone sees it.