What Martini should I order?

I don't know much about alcohol, I drink like once in a while that also vodka neat or like vodka shots. I drink for getting drunk, but anyways what kind of a martini should I order? A dirty martini or what? with Gin or Vodka?


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  • Order a dirty martini
    he'll think you wan meet his parents
    lol, sloots
    @aweircrew @polocrew @thebravelion

    • huh?
      Are like martini's for old people?
      Vodka or Gin?

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    • @aweircrew hahaha angry banana YESSS he's a fuckin legend here until the admins banned him like 20 times, literally, Tony kept making accounts lmao and they ban him on sight crew

  • Vodka Martini dry & neat.


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  • 1. the most expensive booze they offer will not only taste better (martinis are an aquired taste) but easier on your liver and next day potential hangover
    2. vodka is better for your body (less additives) but I prefer the taste of gin
    3. dry vermouth is traditional but sweet vermouth is my preference, even Dry Sack Sherry is an interesting variation... just a few drops so you don't overpower the gin/vodka experience
    4. shaken with crushed ice may dilute it a bit but almost frozen is best, as it heats up fast
    5. pickled onions for some, stuffed olives for me... at least 3-4 huge (at least queen size) and my stuffing preference ranges from none-garlic-mild pepper-anchovy in that order
    6. "dirty" is so overrated and too salty.. . get a salt-rimmed margarita or salty dog to satisfy THAT
    7. considering our limits of alcohol, never order a double and be prepared for leg problems.. after one or two of these, they seem to spread for any nearby horny guy... go with a pack of GFs!

    • To get a little drunk, will one be enough or two? Which one do you think I should choose Gin or Vodka, cause I have never tasted Gin.

    • ONE (wait for it... it comes on like a hammer if a beginner),
      vodka for starters
      If you want to get used to gin in martinis later on, why not begin
      comparing top quality vodka vs gin in bloody mary's first?

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