Do you feel you are in the wrong site?

I feel like that. I only like How Do I Look where I can rate other girls from here and give my opinion about their looks. I don’t like Other section since same questions are asked over and over again…and I dislike GAG’s main topics. Also at least half of the regular users here are boring. Especially girls, I should mention.

Still I like I can get Amazon Cards. There are no other sites I’ve came across so far which provide such a feature…and I like writing MyTakes here and using this feature as my blog. Since every time I attempted to make a blog, I had zero traffic and only a few views in total, despite the fact I was advertising it in MANY other sites and blogs. Here in GAG you get lots of attention even if your MyTakes are posted anonymously. One of them reached 120 comments from different people!!! Kudos to GAG Administration Team, who not only promoted but they made my MyTakes here “Featured”. I should also mention those people are the only people in GAG who have my actual respect, since they actually did more things for me unlike other regular users.

Anyway, honestly I want to leave from here. I don’t like most people here as I mentioned and I feel I don’t belong here. This site is not for someone like me. But those 2 reasons still keep me here.

If you find any other site which provides those 2 features just post it here.

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  • The "How do I look?" topic is my favorite for the same reason. The repeated questions do get really annoying but at least they are easy to answer since you've written the same answer many times. No need to think about what to write. Boring users or not I don't know since I don't really communicate with anyone on here. I still like being here because I find it an educational site. Reading about how other users live their life, the problems they face, and reading recommendations on how to solve them can be interesting and educational.

    • I don't communicate either. In personal messages at least. In the main site, there are many who go under my comments and annoy me with nonsense posts.

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  • The random people telling everyone how horny they are makes me feel out of place. Other than that though I'm alright. I just wish there was a feature where I could post anonymously by default without having to change the radio button each time. I'm happy you are happy writing MyTakes but I could never write one since I am horrible at English.

    • Yeah I'd like the same thing. I always go anonymously.