Give yourself an overall rating of your life. In what categories do you rank well on?

This is a question to give me and (hopefully yourself) a bit of a chance to step back and evaluate your life from a internal perspective. One a scale of One (worst) to 5 (best), how would you say you rank on the following categories?

A - Physical Health.

B - Family life.

C - Love life.

D - Intellect.

E - Professional life

Don't be shy about giving yourself a high rating, you may very well deserve the rank you are giving yourself, but try to keep your answer as unbiased as possible. Give a real reason WHY you gave yourself that rank, and any thoughts on the matter.

By the way guys, don't worry if you don't follow the 1 to 5 scale. Feel free to use the scale appropriate to you. All the matters is an honest opinion, however way it's delivered.


Most Helpful Girl

  • A - Physical Health: 3
    I get sick more often these past couple of years for some unknown reason to me. Never used to be that way. I haven't really been eating any less healthier than I used to. If anything, I'm eating healthier and have become more active now. I don't know what it is, could just be stress and lack of sleep. Either way, I am not happy. =.= I also have issues with heart palpitations, but that's improved now, so I guess +0.5 for that?

    B - Family life: 4.5
    Family life's pretty smooth, except for a few bickering with my brothers every now and then. I'm away from my mom and dad majority of the time, but my relationship with them is pretty good. :) I just wish to be able to spend more time with them.

    C - Love life: 4.5
    I give myself a 4.5 here even though I don't have a love life - precisely because I don't have one. X) I'm not interested in it at the moment, so I am content the way things are. Only deducted 0.5 because people have been trying to introduce me to some guys, and I have to deal with all of that stuff now. =.=

    D - Intellect: 3
    Not bad but could be better. Just not content.

    E - Professional life: 3.5
    I'm doing well in school but am just not happy with the things I have to deal with concerning it.


Most Helpful Guy

  • - Physical Health: A (I mean i get on stage in nothing but board shorts and let ~400 critique my body, healthy diet, etc. )
    - Family life: A- (Close with all family, live far away and probably should call home/visit more often/be more involved in their lives however)
    - Love life: C (getting dates zero probs, wifey material/long-term relationship lotsa probs lol)
    - Intellect: B+ (I mean I graduated a top 40 uni with honors, but I don't know I work with some fucking brilliant people that I sometimes struggle to keep up with)
    - Professional life: A- (Earn a nice income, building a house, career is on track)

    • p. s. didn't really follow directions on the 1-5 rating scale lol my bad

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    • Same.

      When I think of an A+ or a 5/5 rating, I think of like, an Olympic level athlete. I'd say A is a pretty good score for you Consultant.

    • Yeah I mean, I'm so critical of myself even giving myself an A doesn't feel right tbh, but it's healthy to step away from the over-criticism too.

What Girls Said 19

  • A - Physical Health: 3

    unfortunately, age and various sports-related injuries have taken their toll on my body over the years, and i'm definitely not as active as i used to be. couple that with my thyroid issues (thanks, mom), and it's obvious that i'll never look like a supermodel.

    B - Family life: 4

    i don't live near my family, and i don't plan on starting one, so it's just my boyfriend and me. his parents do live in town though, and we (usually) get along well with them too.

    that said, we do visit my family from time to time. we've always been close, and they adore my other half as well (we're flying out next weekend to visit them for a bit; the last time we were there, they were practically planning our wedding by the time we left... i think they're just happy to know that, even though they can't be part of my everyday life, i'm on good hands here).

    C - Love life: 4

    we love each other to bits and see marriage in our future. that said, every relationship has its ups and downs, and we are no exception.

    D - Intellect: 5

    not to blow my own horn here, but i do have above-average intelligence. in school, i made straight-a report cards every year, but was often bored as i didn't find the material challenging.

    i also dropped out of university 3 separate times because i didn't care for my major and got bored. most of my knowledge comes from practical experience, which is the best teacher by far. book smarts do not equal street smarts, and educated =/= intelligent. the real world has taught me things i'd never have learned in a classroom; yes, i've gotten myself into some pretty sticky predicaments, but i've always gotten myself out of them, too.

    that all said, i recently got accepted into university and i'll be hitting the books in September. i'll be majoring in literature (a bookworm's paradise, of course) and, according to prior evaluations by teachers and psychologists, i'm in the top 1 percent for verbal intelligence. so one might say it's the best possible fit for where i am in life now.

    i'm not pretentious about it, though, and i don't like people who are name-droppy or who rub it in people's faces. the way i see it, we all have something to bring to the table and, in order to be a good teacher, one must also be a good student, and everyone in my life has the capacity to teach me something new.

    E - Professional life: 3

    i've had a lot of jobs i hated. but expect this to go up once i land a job in my field and can actually make a career out of.

    • Exceptional intelligence score, to me, street smarts and practical application take the cake over book smarts any day. You seem to be have that in spades, very well rounded individual.

  • Physical health - probably a 2 or 3. I don't eat super healthy and I don't exercise. I'm underweight. My stamina is pretty good though, I run to catch the tram all the time, and one time I even ran from one stop to the other and caught up to the tram just in time :D and as far as I know, all my organs and stuff are healthy and so are my values or whatever.

    Family life - a solid 5. Not much to explain here.

    Love life - maybe like a 2. I'm not really putting any hard effort into finding someone at the moment. I have a tinder account and I talk to guys occasionally. Meeehhh.

    Intellect - maybe a 3? Hm.

    Professional life - 4 or 5. I feel like I'm doing really well at work right now. Even though I hate it, I finally pretty much know all the ins and outs. The customers seem to be really happy. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning. I know where everything is supposed to be. Yeah. :D

  • A = 2
    My exercising routine is excessive to the point that it gave me cardiac arhythmia & I'm underweight because I don't eat enough plus I'm anemic so I usually almost die when I get sick lol but apart from that I'm healthy!

    B = 2
    What family life?

    C = 0
    It's non-existent 😂 I used to have a great friends with benefits not too long ago though but I don't think that would count here..

    D = 5
    Honestly I'm not just claiming this to show off (whatever the point of that would be on a website where nobody knows me irl anyways?) and I'm not sure if this is really a good thing either.

    E = 4
    Had the chance to collect some awesome work experience in several jobs during the past months and got an offer from one of the best universities in the world, I'm really content at the moment!

  • Physical Health - 4
    Family Life - 4
    Love Life - 2
    Intellect - 3
    Professional Life - 3

    Still trying to get over an ex but as a result my family relationships have grown stronger :) Pretty much exercise on a regular basis but not completely in shape yet and I'm a college student, so all in all I think everything is great!

  • A. Physical Health 6/10, I no longer get sick like I used to years ago. Despite I don't eat enough, I manage to stay strong. I planning to improve by pushing myself to 100% healthy lifestyle. Working out more and watching what I eat is important to me.
    B. Family Life 8/10, there are no major problems in my family. We have a Whatsapp group as a family to stay connected to each other. We make plans to gather together. We organize field trips. We do anything to stay close.
    C. Love Life 2/10, the relationships I've been through never lasted long. I usually get rejected and ignored by guys.
    D. Intellect 7/10, I come up with some what smart ideas. I can write an essay or do a project in a matter of minutes and still manage to get a good grade. I have an average intelligence. I grade myself a C.
    E. Professional Life 0/10, I don't have a job yet. I haven't even started planing for my part time job. Hopefully I'll have it next year.

    • I'm sorry to hear that about your love and professional life, the year is still early though, let's hope for some good tidings!

  • Meh! I failed physical health! and professional life I am doing (:
    Love life? I love myself so 10! Everything else good!

  • A - Physical Health 10/10 thanks god

    B - Family life 10/10 love them

    C - Love life FAIL 0

    D - Intellect whats this mean, i dont think im stupid but im not great outside my own field.

    E - Professional life 10/10 i feel content with my job

  • A. 2/10
    B. 6/10
    C. 910
    D. It ranges from 0/10 to 11/10 depending on subjects/the person
    E. School = professional life so about a 8/10 (I have a 3.0 GPA)

  • 4: actively working on fitness

    1: can't seem to stop the barrage of fights

    1: barren

    3: decent amount of knowledge + experience

    3: good place to be

  • A - Physical Health: 5
    I must be at peak physical condition.
    B - Family life.
    I'm close to my family, even if I don't see them frequently I know I have some one I can trust.
    C - Love life.
    I'm in a long-distance relationship, and I'm happy
    D - Intellect.
    I graduated from medical school at 17, there is nothing else to mention
    E - Professional life
    I have some cool coworkers, and some not-so-cool superiors, but I like what I do. I cannot mention what I do, but I like it.

  • *A. Physical Health = an unbelievable 5 despite my long time eating disorder.
    *B. Family life = a sad 1 as I will always be the black sheep outsider
    *C. Love life = a toxic 0 = I am forever restless & always run away from men
    *D. Intellect = a non-academic 5 due to all of my crazy life + travel experience
    *E. Professional life = a rebellious 3 as I have always question authority.

  • A) 3.5-5 I workout 4-5 times a week and eat healthy too
    B) 3-5, I'd say I have a decent relationship with my parents
    c) 1-5 it's going really bad so far, I've never really dated anyone before

    D) 3.5-5 I'm pretty intellect
    E) I don't know if I have a "professional" life yet since I'm still in college lol

  • A - 4/5
    B - 2/5
    C - 0/5
    D - 0.5/5
    E - 0/5

  • A. 3
    B. O
    C. 2
    D. 4
    E. 0

    • Since everyone else explained. My physical health, I've got hurt a lot. A guy slammed me (back), knee problems run in family, I was in an accident that caused a bad head and neck injury. As weight I'm pretty fit.
      Family, very distant and immediate family put me through hell so disowned.
      Love, I'm single lol
      Intellectually, I did good in a lot of classes except math. Now to see if I'm smart enough for college. I got my ged in 8 months.
      Professional, I don't have one I just graduated.

  • Physical health- 8
    Family life- 6
    Love life- 1
    Intellect- 9
    Professional life- 7

  • Physical health- 4 (I'm healthy but I should be fitter)
    family life- 5
    Love life- 2
    Intellect- 4 (there's always room for more)
    Professional life- 3.5

  • 2 - overweight
    1 - no family
    1 - celibate
    4 - studying
    3 - new job

  • A- physical health. 2/10. I want to improve in this area of my life. I'm on the road to losing 40 pounds and it's going to be a long journey but rewarding.
    B- family life. 4/10. I have people that love me, but honestly I have some family drama going on right now and I can't say I 100% love my family. They're fucking annoying.
    C- love life. 0/10 non existent. Because of my weight and that's why I want to lose weight.
    D- intellect. 10/10. I have all as and honestly I love learning. Life long learner.
    E- professional life 10/10. I have a pretty solid work ethic and my resume is solid for someone my age and I am continuously building up.

  • I'm 15 years old by the way even though my age says i'm 18 to 24 ! I made a mistake when creating my account :/

    A- physical health : probs a 4/10 Could be waay better. But i am at a good weight. I eat pretty junk food. I don't move at all i've been sitting around lately BUT i'm starting to do 13 minute butt workouts and squats.

    B: family life : 9/10 we're all alive , well and healthy. Just yesterday my new baby cousin was born :) We fight but we get over it easily. I love my fam!

    C : love life : 0/10 . My love life is an absolute fail! I know i'm only 16 but it's really sad being single all the time. I've never even kissed a guy. I feel lame.. hoepfully i don't die alone...

    D : Intellect : like a 4/10 so , below average. I am honestly so fucking stupid. I get terrible grades all the time and it's really bad. I wish i was intelligent.

    E: Professional life : Still in school. Never really had a job but planning to in the future when i am older.

    Overall , my life is a complete fail.

    • Well, not all intelligence is per grades. In fact, some of the most intelligent people I met couldn't stand school, but they excel INCREDIBLY at life and love learning and still have done very well for themselves. Maybe you're that type?

What Guys Said 18

  • Physical health: three. I am in outstanding physical condition for a man of my age, but I am still an old bastard. The joints will not do what they used to and my reflexes are not what they used to be.
    Family life: one. I have three unappreciative children.
    ""How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child." - King Lear: Act 1, Scene 4, Page 13, by William Shakespeare
    Love life: zero. I have not touched a woman for almost 15 years.
    Intellect: five. Two years ago I won a vice chancellor's award for academic excellence and currently I am working toward a doctorate.
    Professional life: three. Everything is pretty much on hold until the current course of study has been completed.

  • A - Physical Health... 2.5
    I don't eat healthy or exercise but I've got a good metabolism and don't seem to have any serious healthy implications as of right now.

    B - Family life...2.5
    We aren't all lovey dovey but we can tolerate each other.

    C - Love life...0

    D - Intellect...2.5

    E - Professional life...2.5
    Still a student so I'll just say average for this too.

  • A - Physical Health: 3 (I work out and eat somewhat healthy, but I do little cardio)
    B - Family Life: 3 (I'm on speaking terms with my family but we don't talk about intimate things)
    C - Love Life: 1 (It's nonexistent)
    D - Intellect: 4 (I read and write and try to learn new things, although I'm not pursuing a graduate degree right now)
    E - Professional Life: 2 (I have a pretty easy job right now, and it has little upward mobility)

  • A) 5/5. I take care of my body and eat a great diet.
    B) 5/5. I have a great family and maintain amazing relationships with my siblings and parents
    C) 2/5. My love life isn't so hot. I was in 1 relationship and it was more bad than good.
    D) 5/5. I think I'm smart and wise WELL beyond my years.
    E) 4/5. My professional life would be school. I'm doing well in school


  • A - Physical Health. 4

    B - Family life. 3 1/2

    C - Love life. 2-3

    D - Intellect. 3-4

    E - Professional life 2-4

  • A) 5
    B) 3
    C) 1
    D) 5
    E) 4

  • Physical Health 4/5
    I am pretty resilient on most things physically I guess?
    Family Life 3/5
    I have a good relationship with my Dad, but slightly strained relationships with my brother and mother.
    Love Life 1/5
    I have never been lucky at love and never made it into a actual relationship. I'm reevaluating things at the moment.
    Intellectual 4/5
    I'm pretty knowledgable at many things.
    Professional life (None) I'm still a student.

  • Health - 4
    Im quite skinny, but have decent cardio.

    Family - 2
    Dad has cancer, 3 alcoholics/druggies one who already died of an overdose.
    but the rest are all very loving.

    Love life - 0
    this thing breaks the scale. im pretty young but im so jealous of my old schools girls.

    Intellect - 4
    Good grades. well decent at least.

    Professional life. - 1
    never had a job.

  • A- Decent, have some joint troubles
    B- okay it could be better
    C- decent
    D- smart
    E- unemployed and unsatisfied

  • A. 4
    B. 3
    C. 2
    D. 3
    E. 4

  • A: 3

    B: 2.5

    C: 1

    D: 3

    E: 2.5

  • I'll give A an 8 out of 10.
    The rest are 9 out of 10.

  • A - 1/5
    B - 2/5
    C - 1/5
    D - 2/5
    E - 2/5

  • 4 2 4 4 4

  • a5
    weird? ikr...

  • A. 3

    b. 4

    c. 2

    d. 4

    e. 1

    Proffesional life has taken a toll on me these last few years. It is so difficult trying to get into what you want to do. So many people but few opportunities available.

  • Physical Health: 4
    Family Life: 4
    Love Life: 1
    Intellect: 4.5
    Professional Life: 5 (College Student)

  • I'm not use to a 1-5 scale, so I use what's familar to me, the 1-10 scale.
    C-0 (I'm massively introverted and girls rarely approach me)
    E-8 (well... I rate this as a student's life)

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