Why in western culture, only Asian females is general accepted in the societies?

Is it just because they are racists on Asians and just want to fuck the girls?
In most cases, for instance, in TV shows, movies, workplaces, there are only Asian women that are accepted and well blend in to represent this group of people who blends in. It is very rare to see an Asian guy to represent a particular field, even just as a Asian in some workplace, where the others give a shit about him, unless you are people like Jackie chan or Psy, but they are extremely talented people and they are not counted as normal.
I am an Asian myself and I am a college student.
My university has a construction site lately and one day a worker comes by and checked out an Asian girl with his eyes shining... And he happened to lay his eyes on me and at that glance he gave a real unrespectful look as if I made him sick.
This is the reason I am posting this question but it is just a very minor uninfluential one. Asian people in western societies are mistreated everyday and I just want to know if it is just racism or there is something else.
I am just an international student and if an aisan will never work out his career, relationship, and any other path of life in a western world I will never waste my time here again after my degree ends.


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  • I'm not too sure what you're asking but I do agree that a lot of guys that are fixated on Asian women are very racist basing their opinions mostly on sterotypes. If it helps it's not like those guys value Asian as lawyers or doctors or really anything other than a sex toy

    • Hmm, maybe they're basing their opinions on ATTRACTIVENESS?

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    • @zagor You can trust me on this, your perception, as a western, that Asian women are submissive is false like what nalaa said. I am an Asian grown up in Asian and girls just switch boyfriends like changing cloth and asking their boyfriend to do things for them selfishly just like girls in western culture and I never seen any submissive ones since primary school. If you have the chance to date an Asian girl and she was being submissive. Try not easily give what she wants (not talking about sex) or behave the way you act on her, if she gets angry she just pretending it. It is not in their nature. Unless you meet the rare real ones.

    • You already told me what I wanna know. Thanks.
      I just want to find out if it was Asians' fault that people are racist; or if it was just bad people, not people in general, who were racist; or if the situation can be reversed in a logical sense.
      Guess not that easy.
      So you must have to be really great to be treated like a normal person if you are an Asian I guess.
      Thats just fucked up and why is not all Asian people go back to their origin countries all at once why do they want to suffer this if they are not born there...

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  • What country are you in?

    • Australia, if it magnifies it..

    • Just wondering because I work with a lot of people of Asian background and I don't hear about stuff like that. But I am in the US in an area with a lot of people from different Asian countries.

      I have a friend from Japan who now lives in Melbourne and he never mentioned any problems. Although it probably isn't a subject that would come up in casual conversation.

    • That is good to hear. Maybe as you move to a higher level of community, such as from school to a workplace, it will get better.
      You are right it is sort of a way of complaining so normally people would not mention about it.

  • It is a sick mind set. I'm not Asian but I respect Asian males and females. As far as I know they are smartest people in the world by avarage IQ points. And engineering, medical departments requiring high intelligence, are dominated by them.

    • I know there are good people like you out there.
      But even Asians were retarded and incapable of tasks like what you have mentioned, they have never been in their way and violated the wellbeing of the general public (mostly) so I do not understand why all the hate...

  • I would think that is rival in love haha. Well I dont see my friend are mistreated.
    And I see many Indian guys are CEO... etc.

  • maybe there are a lot more white actors, maybe they were the best for the job, maybe the character in western culture would've worked better as a westerner?