Denial leads to ecstasy?

Let us go through this
you feel antagonized, you feel like shit
you feel like people don't notice you unless they want to critic you
you feel at the center of bullying
to feel worthwhile, you want to feel used
you ask to strangers:
Do you want to fool around with me?
make me something, your thing maybe?
but why? why would you want that?
because it is a way to forget, to loose yourself
physical humiliation is a form of denial
denial of the true pain
therefore you let yourself go in brief seconds of ecstasy
but like a vicious circle, you fall back again into agony
sweet agonizing ecstasy


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  • Sounds like lyrics to me. Hope that was what you were going for.

    Good luck.

    • yea don't worry I am not depressed hahaha

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    • HAHA. No problem. Keep up the writing and keep posting them.

    • okii ^^

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