Initiating contact after a breakup meaning?

What does it mean the first person to do it? the amount of time it took for them to reach out etc. I was with my boyfriend and things were great. We had a connection on all levels and saw each other lives for a long time. He fell into stress for about amonth and then broke up with me. he said it wasn't anything I did or did not do it had to do with him and he felt like we were not growing closer and he didn't feel how he thought he should. I think all is a little bs since he closed me and our friends out. I also think it was the stress but I don't know or that we had a stable comfortable relationship mb he got scared of the future I don't know. Anyway hr broke up with me on the phone last Friday night. It was hard I was crying and we ended the convo with ok bye. I have not talked to him since. He kept me freinds on facebook and such. Friday night he initiated contact and asked how i was doing. I didn't answer bc it was late at night. I answered the next day and then he has not responded eyt either. He just read it today. Not sure whats going on. Im not getting my hopes up but it would be nice to maybe have a second chance with him. Could he care, want me back or what? Like i said ot getting my hopes up but im hoping something good. Anyway I can get him back?


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  • What do you do keep asking this until you get the answer you want? It's over get over it


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