Why am I changing my perceptions on men and women?

I was watching an episode of Friends and Chandler was telling Monica that he doesn't mind if the night is all about her.

I felt a little confused. Why should Chandler have to sacrifice his special night too and make it all about her? Why is this selfishness in women encouraged and it's thought to be beautiful that men should try to make women happy all the time? What about women also being considerate of men's feelings and not having such expectations from them.

On the other hand, women are taught to believe that guys are usually nicer (not relationship-wise, as a person), compared to other women. Especially if they're good-looking women. But I've found this to not be true. Sure they're nice but that's only at the surface-level when looks are the only thing you know about the other person.

I'm starting to feel less inclined to care about others, or to even want simple things such as friends, romantic partners etc. I think I am starting to like being alone which I am not sure is healthy


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  • Welcome to reality! That's how people are. It's a totally messed up world we're living in.

    • I sometimes wonder if this is why males are always so frustrated with the expectations of women. I think as I grew older I started realizing that girls are taught to think of guys as a GUY as though he is a whole other species but that is simply not true.

      Two genders, different in upbringing but both are human beings why keep expectations from both that will frustrate the other

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    • Ha ha I simply don't understand gender norms at all.

      I do think it is interesting that as you were saying, both men and women are guilty of thinking like this. Sometimes I'll be confused as to why the expectation is a girl should be allowed to get away with something because she is a girl and the guy has to tolerate it.

      I think it's also maybe the fact that I don't think of myself as an innocent little girl, I'm a normal person just like guys are normal people so why should I be treated any better it doesn't make sense to me.

      I think people usually say things like that, negative things, to anyone who challenges a social norm. People feel threatened that the person might actually be right and their way of thinking of the world makes more sense, and just attack that person rather than stop to think deeply about what it is that the person is saying.

    • You're so damn right! I have consistently defied societal norms, and that's the reason I have difficulty interacting and getting along with people.

      Girls face their share of crap too, like being slut shamed, fat shamed etc. which usually do not happen to guys.

  • Friends impacts lives in ways the writer's couldn't have imagined.


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