Did you know? Or similarly, What do you know?

What fact is the most amazing thing you learned? What is the funniest one you learned or so on.

Part of my OCD makes me want to learn as much as i possibly can about anything that interests me. But it has to be correct information. One of the ones that i can remember that is a helpful fact is you are more likely to die from a falling cocunut then a shark killing you and you are more likely to die from a vending machine landing on you then a falling cocunut. I forgot the exact numbers, but the chances of dying from a vending machine is around 1\500. Now you are more likely to die from blood loss from the bite then the shark killing you.

One of the most shocking ones I've learned is termites are the largest contributor to global warming. If memory serves me right, reason being is methane gas. Yes you heard correctly, it is because termites fart to much, if i remember right, they fart 90 times every minute.

Also one of the most amusing ones I've learned, that if you fart in a spaceship, the gas will stay with you until you are back on earth and if you fart enough in your spacesuit, you could die from it because it recycles the methane gas over and over until you die from methane poisoning. So flatulence can be actually deadly, not just silent


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  • I actually heard that you are most likely to die from a Coconut falling and Killing you than a plane crash


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  • I was fooled by college students who study philosophy before.
    That gave me a lot of things between truth and illusion.
    Now I like using it to art.
    I hope to build a postmodem building that is really a maze.


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