How do I go about asking a girl to take my virginity?

Basically I am on holiday at the moment and me and this girl have got on really well and she did find out I was a virgin and I have told her that I fancied her and she said that she did like me as well but im not too sure if she is that interested but im staying positove and it's our last day tomorrow so I would like to lose it to her even if a relationship does not come of it any insight or advice?


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  • well, it depends what kind of a friendship you had with her so far. is she one of those girls that you talked with about anything, how often do you guys talk in day to day life. I mean i would try to have sex with girls that i usually tend to be flirty with in day to day life. so if she is one of those girls and you flirted with her before, then you could give it a shot as it would be a whole lot easier

    no girl wants to be asked "hey wanna fuck?". let's be honest.
    it's about the approach, making it look/sound fun, using their brain and imagination to your advantage. create glimpses of what might happen in her brain, but don't reveal all ("my penis in your pussy, back and forth").
    let her work around the details because only she knows what exactly she wants and when her brain builds that perfect scenario in her head, you are the winner.
    just don't be afraid to throw innuendos but make it smart.

    i was walking with this girl and i was guiding her "let's go through here, let's go this way". as she was listening to where i was telling her to go, I say "surprised you trust me. what if I kidnap you?".
    . I could simply follow up with "... and ask your mom to fuck me, so i let you go?"... right? by "what if i kidnap you", i simply turned on her imagination and little wheels started spinning... "if he would kidnap me, that means i would need to do anything he'd tell me to and he'd have sex with me..." . somewhere along the lines right?
    but i did not say all this. i only said "what if I kidnap you?", BUT her imagination took it where she wanted it. This is why I'm saying, don't be thirsty, greedy, don't go "hey wanna feel my big cock as I ram you from behind?". this direct approach is not working even if you are dating the girl and had sex 5 times every night, for the past 5 years...
    be smart and say things to turn her imagination on and build up based on her reactions.

    her reaction to me asking what if i'd kidnap her was... "I sometimes wish you would"... NOW i know that she would like me to somehow take "advantage" of her that she would like to "surrender" to me and used that so we both got what we wanted.
    i threw the little seed out there "what if I kidnap you" and she simply used her imagination and grew that in a sex scenario at her own will...
    of course she wanted this. if she wasn't into it and did not want to have sex, she would have said something like "i would beat you to a pulp if you tried". and that would have been the end of story.

    • conclusion, don't force yourself to have sex tomorrow as there is a chance it will not happen and you will be disappointed.
      be smart about what you say. She knows you are a virgin and might find that attractive and arousing if she already fancied you, but don't expect her to drop her pants just like that. this happens only in the movies...
      throw innuendos and see how she reacts to those.

    • also! only sex or not, be polite to the girl before AND after. thinking only with your cock will get you nowhere in your relationship with girls.

    • Thank you! Any updates?

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  • Well make sure that's what she wants as well, just cause she likes you does not mean she wants sex


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  • Your are a idiot, is she a prosecuted or hoes? If not don't treat her like one. You will get smack. You didn't even kiss the girl but you want to fuck. At least get her number or ask her out. Go ahead ask her for sex, she will see a jerk you are

  • Just ask her like that xD I mean worst case is: she says no. Right?

  • You think because a girl admitting that she likes you is enough for her to wanna fuck?

    Good luck.

  • I personally would just try to make a move on her.