How do I ask a pastor for a recommendation letter?

I only went to his church twice or three time... and I just need help on what to write it to send him the email on how to ask him.


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  • I had a more funny answer, but I'll be polite! :/

    You simply ask him! These seem like very involved questions and answers for you I realize that, but assuming he is a decent person (which I am hoping for since he is a pastor!) His JOB is literally to be understanding! For be kind and forgiving! Not to hold improper words against someone!

    Why not just try being yourself and saying "Hello (name), I have been attending your... and I would very much like a letter of recc... for whatever reason!" Do you think he might turn you down if you are grammatically incorrect or even *gasp* forget to capitalize "God!" (That's not a sin by the way!) He will help you or else he is not a nice person and nothing I can tell you will change that!

    Just be yourself and say what you intend on asking. I could write it for you, but you are a perfectly capable young woman at 18-24 years of age! Relax and just email him or speak to him or whatever you like! You will be absolutely fine! And the next time, you'll not fear such a thing so much!

    Best wishes! :) :)


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