Any suggestions for a new, more feminine gamer tag?

When I'm playing Xbox, others think I'm male because they think my gamer tag is masculine. At the moment, it is Diverse Bullet. So I want a new gamer tag that is more feminine but not super girly like "princess sparkles" or whatever. And nothing sexist like "sammich maker". I want something that shows I'm a badass bitch. Excuse my language. Any suggestions help


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  • TryingTooHard

    I think it's unnecessary to make a song and dance about your gender, not least of all because of the amount of abuse female gamers get on Xbox Live. You should pick something that sounds cool, not to hint at feminity (and your current name is already cool)

    Two fun suggestions I did come up with are:

    I notice a remarkable similarity between your question and this post, by the way:


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  • Whats wrong with Angel of Darkness?
    Taking into the angel theme you could do FallenFury.
    Many girls on my friendlist just use there original name, others use characters like Pocahontas , anime characters etc.

    But in general, who cares online about your gender ingame? Its about the personality behind it. If its relevant to know your a girl they will find out soon enough, names don't have to be specifically girly in my opinion.

  • Why does your gamer tag need to show your gender? Sorry, but I find that stupid. There's nothing "masculine" about "Diverse Bullet". It's just a name like any other.

    • Because they treat like a dude and when I tell them I'm a girl they're like "no you're not" it just gets annoying sometimes

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    • If you don't appreciate it being said, tell them that. Being female isn't an excuse, not liking it being said is.

    • Ok thank you for your opinions/help

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  • just do ur name which i assume is girly