Is it ok to tell him I miss him?

We broke up last Friday. He broke up with me and I did not see it coming. He was dealing with a lot, This Friday he contacted me. It was late at night so I did not respond but he said he wanted to see how I was doing. He opened the line of communication. I answered the next day and he read it but never responded yet after. Is it ok to text him maybe in a few days and tell him I miss him? Although nothing may happen I just want him to know.


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  • I wouldn't. if it's over then just let it be over.

    • scratch that. you know the relationship better than I do. if you think there may be a chance to reignite things, give it a shot.

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    • go with your gut

    • Thanks! my gut says do it lol. Ill probably wait another day or 2

  • yes its ok to tell him that you miss him. but its better that you dont, and you should move on.

    • Even though he opened the line of communication and texted me?

    • yes even though that happened. its ok. but its better that you dont.

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