Biker men, what are biker men /riders are like?

This question goes out to ALL men who ride bikes/own bikes (motorcycles, etc). How would you describe the men who ride bikes? What is it about them that makes them different? If there is such a thing.. I would just like to know more about it/them... we have this stigma about them so I was wondering, what are these type of men "who like to ride" like? Any tips/feedback?
I met a rider and would like to get to know him better.. plus points if you give me some good insight! ;)

ps: ofc I am not talking about bicycles.


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  • Paging @BertMacklinFBI

    There is not just one kind of biker. There are the guys in leather who ride their Harleys around on the weekend, the guy who takes his other half on vacation using a big tourer like a Goldwing, the speed demon who blasts around on his superbike, the adventurer who rides his MX along trails... and the ordinary guy who just likes having a fun way to commute and save some money.

    I was the latter type. Things you will notice:
    -they are very mechanically minded
    -they are also very adventurous
    -they tend to have a crude, witty sense of humour
    -they tend to be quite worldly, thanks to their intelligence and sense of adventure
    -biking is a fraternity, guys share a common bond through their love of two wheels
    -you'll be expected to invest in a set of gear so you can come riding, and encouraged to get a licence and bike of your own!

    This is me and my ex out for a ride:

    • Wow nicee! Thanks for sharing this information ;-) Was very insightful; it indeed sounds like a super cool, nice community ^_^

    • Thanks for MHO! I made so many great friends though riding, I can't recommend it enough.

    • You're welcome! You gave some nice details about it hehe thankss :)

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  • they really all come in different shape and form.

    from my own experience, most of the bikers i've come across are like the nicest people ever, they just look tough, some actually are tough.

    you can't judge them all based on a stereotype, like everything else.

    they enjoy the ride and they enjoy their hobby. there are reckless people, but reckless people are everywhere.

    if you wanna get to know him, ask him what he rides, do some research yourself, if you're interested in riding as well, tell him that you are. it's such an easy conversation starter and a way to exchanging phone numbers.

    • Very nice tips! Thank you for that. I will do that indeed :) i was actually already looking and finding out different types of bikes etc haha it seem like this is really a whole interest not many people know about.. I guess it is like any other hobby :) We have already met a few times and hung out/talked... Although he seems very reserved (or maybe just busy) haha so I wanted to get to know more info to see if there was anything useful/helpful. Thanks for your feedback! I will make sure to do some reading now hehe thanks ;)

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    • safety will always be a concern, it's other people you have to look out for. the more you ride, and the longer you ride, the better you will get, in every aspect. your awareness will increase, reflexes, everything. just don't ever ride and assume people are looking out for you, because most of the time they're not, always ride defensively to make sure you're safe before anyone else and you should be fine. That's really great though that you're thinking about it more for yourself then him :) I'd ride with you if I knew you.

    • Haha thanks! Good point :) I will certainly be SURE to be very careful when I get one. And well, if we ever meet in real life and i do have a bike, sure! It's a small world :) thanks again for your answer.

  • just like everyone who drives a car. there are some that are nice and there are others that are pricks. what make people who ride different is you are in the open and it make you feel like your free. you can smell and see everything around you. when you ride along on a warm day and you ride into the shade you feel the difference.

  • Moat bikers have a bit of a reckless, adventurous side- somewhat of a requirement, bikes are dangerous. Other than that, thre are several different niches within biker geoups, and everybody is different.


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